Warzone 2 pro Apathy shares tips to win Gulags and get money fast

Apathy was a pro player for Los Angeles Guerrillas before turning to Warzone and Warzone 2.Call of Duty League

Bryan ‘Apathy’ Zhelyazkov is a former CDL pro and current Warzone 2 standout. He’s shared some tips that’ll have aspiring demons winning more Gulags and collecting cash as fast as possible.

Apathy is a Call of Duty World Champion with an impressive Warzone resume behind him, so he’s a safe pick for players to imitate if they’re looking to up their game.

These tips are some of the biggest things players can take away from his style and implement into their gameplay for a quick and easy boost over their opponents.

Apathy shares easy Warzone 2 gulag and buyback tips

The most significant piece of advice for the Gulag is to know where the upgraded Armor Vests are located in the Gulag. The vests spawn off to the side of the stairs by the main platform.

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Keeping that in mind when going into a fight can give you a big advantage because once that vest is equipped you can plate up and have a real advantage over their unaware competition.

Another big thing to be aware of is where you drop when you eventually get back to the map. If you’re in a situation where you need to buy back some squadmates, there’s no better place to drop back in than one of the many gas stations around the Warzone 2 map.

Outside of the guaranteed cash register money, these places also have bills scattered around the shelves that are an easy come-up that will get you on track to reviving your squad without having to scour every building in a five-mile radius.

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