Warzone 2 players losing their minds as Heavy Chopper meta ruins final circles

warzone 2 heavy chopperActivision

Warzone 2 players are growing increasingly frustrated as Heavy Choppers are taking over the end-game meta, making the final circles incredibly annoying and difficult to play through.

For anybody lucky enough to have not experienced it yet, the Heavy Chopper helicopters are being used all across Al Mazrah by players looking for easy wins and a shortcut to the final circle in Warzone 2.

What they do is pick up a Chopper at some point, usually early in the game, and simply fly around in safety, waiting the length of the match for the action to really start kicking off.

From there, it’s easy: with the final players forced into ever-smaller circles, they can simply hover in the sky, far above the action, and rain fire upon their opponents. Be it airstrikes, missile launchers, or otherwise, it’s easy for them to sit in the safety of their chopper and pick up an easy win.

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What makes it even more frustrating is that the Heavy Chopper isn’t like the helicopters you would fly around Verdansk and Caldera in Warzone 1. Since it’s heavy, it’s incredibly difficult to bring down with just gunfire.

You can launch grenades and rockets at it to make it weaker, and if you’re fortunate enough to be carrying several airstrikes on your team, you could use this to your advantage as the chopper moves fairly slowly, too.

Overall, though, many players are calling for a rework to the Heavy Chopper, hoping to make them much harder to abuse in the latter stages of the game, such as with a fuel limit or something similar. Others, though, want them removed.

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Whether this actually works, and Infinity Ward makes huge changes to the frustrating air vehicle, remains to be seen.