Warzone 2 leak reveals first image of new map

Ryan Lemay
Operators jumping out of the starting plane in Warzone 2.

A Warzone 2 leak gave fans a very early look at what fans can expect from the upcoming new map, and it may be coming sooner than expected.

We have already received a new environment in Warzone 2, as Ashika Island joined the fold at the launch of Season 2. Community members praised the Japanese-themed map, but it hasn’t necessarily reached the same highs as WZ1’s Rebirth Island.

Ashika Island was the first new Resurgence map since Fortunes Keep, which launched In June 2022. Following a similar timeline, WZ2 players expect at least one new environment to explore before CoD 2023 releases.

Warzone 2 Vondel map image leaks

In April, prominent CoD leakers ‘TaskForceLeak’ revealed that the next Warzone 2 environment is called Vondel, a Resurgence map set in the Netherlands.

The datamine didn’t unearth an expected release date, but rumors intensified on May 10. A leak unveiled the first image of Vondel. CharlieIntel confirmed that the Tweet was deleted because of DMCA.

There isn’t a whole lot to glean from the unfinished image. However, the map appears to take place in an urban setting. There is a residential area and a windmill next to a river. This would provide a much different experience than the desert landscape of Al Mazrah.

CharlieIntel added flames to the fire by claiming: “Vondel is not the Warzone map for this fall, it’s releasing sooner.”

Warzone 2 maps usually launch at the start of a new season, based on precedent from previous releases. The next chance for Activision to release Vondel would be Season 4, which is expected to begin on June 14, 2023.

We will provide an update when Activision provides more insight into the battle royale sequel’s latest sandbox.

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