Warzone 2 leak pinpoints location of new Resurgence map now in development

Warzone 2 Ashika Island cinematicActivision

Another new Resurgence map appears to be in active development already as fresh Warzone 2 leaks pulled from the Season 3 update have revealed a name and location for the next battleground.

With Warzone 2 Season 3 now upon us, fans are jumping right in and getting familiar with all the new content and gameplay changes. From sweeping weapon buffs and nerfs to a number of new features both in and out of the game, for better or worse, there’s plenty for the community to digest.

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Yet even with an abundance of information, more still is now slipping through the cracks. Having dug through the code contained within the latest update, dataminers have seemingly uncovered both the name and location of what they claim is the next Warzone 2 map.

On the horizon is yet another Resurgence-sized map, the reports indicate, and this time, fans are set to drop into an entirely new location, as leaked strings suggest the next theatre of war is set in the Netherlands.

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Originally codenames ‘Delta,’ according to prominent CoD insiders ‘TaskForceLeak,’ the next Warzone 2 map now has an official name of ‘Vondel,’ they claim. “Set in the Netherlands, it is a new Resurgence map,” the account shared on April 12.

Obviously, it’s worth taking this information with a grain of salt for the time being, as no further details around Vondel have yet been revealed. Activision is yet to tease the possibility of another Resurgence-map, so if there is indeed a new one in the works, it’s likely still a ways off.

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Exactly how big this Netherlands-based map might be, remains unclear. Though given it’s supposedly being built from the ground up with Resurgence in mind, we can likely expect another bite-sized battle royale map akin to Rebirth Island and Ashika Island.

With Season 3 only just going live on April 12, new content is likely to soak up the spotlight for the next few weeks. But rest assured, we’ll keep our eyes peeled and update you hear as any further Vondel details emerge.

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