Warzone 2 guru unveils pistol build that “lasers across the map”

Modern Warfare character pointing pistol towards groundActivision

Warzone 2 veteran and content creator Metaphor has revealed his build that turns the X12 pistol into a very competent long-range weapon. 

Pistols have a weird place in Warzone 2’s meta. They are supposed to be short-range backups, but they are often severely outclassed by SMGs like Fennec or Lachmann Sub, so they rarely see any use.

What’s more, any pistol that doesn’t excel at short range and is more of a medium or long-range weapon has been entirely deserted by the community, the .50 GS pistol is an excellent example of this. Hopefully, such weapons receive much-needed buffs with Season Two that’s right around the corner.

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Despite all of this Metaphor found a setup that turns the X12 pistol into a somewhat usable medium-range gun.

The content creator claimed that this “DMR” pistol setup allowed him to “laser people across the map.” 

Metaphor claims this X12 build deals “a lot of damage”

In a February 12 video, the content creator claimed that his combination of attachments and tunings makes the X12 a “long-ranged pistol”, and that it “does a lot of damage if you hit your shots”. 

At the same time, the Warzone 2 veteran highlights that this is not a meta loadout by any means, just a fun thing to do if you are looking for something new to try.

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“The end game that I have with this thing is absolutely out of control, I’m not even joking when I say this, I started lasering people across the map with this thing, hitting every bullet,” he explained.

“This is a DMR build, so this thing is really, really bad up close. But we do have a bit of a long-range gun, a long-range pistol.” 

The X12 definitely won’t be outperforming the meta Assault Rifles and Light Machine Guns of Warzone 2, but it is definitely not just a “joke” build.

At limited damage per bullet, the DMR X12 offers great mobility and fast ADS time while still being able to kill at the medium range. Here’s the full loadout:

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  • Barrel: XRK Sidewinder-6 Slide
  • Trigger Action: XRK TR9 Trigger
  • Ammunition: 9MM Overpressured +P
  • Optic: Cronen Mini Pro
  • Stock: XRK Pistol Stock

This gun is of course intended for medium to long ranges, and players eager to try this build out should bring something more suited for close ranges to fill the other weapon slot: the Lachmann Sub, or the Fennec for example.

We are excited to see how this gun, and other meta weapons for that matter, fare on the Ashika Island map coming to Warzone 2 with the Season Two update.