MW2 devs buff attachment that doesn’t exist in Season 2 Reloaded patch notes

Connor Bennett
Modern Warfare 2 character reloading gun next to wall

Modern Warfare 2 players have been left baffled as the devs buffed an attachment for the Lachmann Sub in Season 2 Reloaded even though it doesn’t exist.

Just like Modern Warfare 2019 and Call of Duty: Vanguard, Infinity Ward has kept up the ‘Reloaded’ updates with Modern Warfare 2.

These updates come around the halfway mark of a season and give the devs a chance to adjust some things that they may not have gotten right initially. In MW2 Season 2 Reloaded, they’ve balanced some weapons, introduced a new multiplayer map, and a new weapon with the Tempus Torrent.

However, the developers have also curiously buffed the Nebula Barrel for the Lachmann Sub by improving its damage range and recoil control. There’s just one problem, it doesn’t exist in-game. 

Lachmann Sub attachment buffed in MW2 despite not actually existing

It was something that Redditor KNEXIUM noted on March 16, when they flagged the buff of the non-existent attachment as a “fun fact” for other players. 

There were some who thought they were alone in spotting that buff, and were left confused after going looking for the barrel in-game. “I saw that in the patch notes and couldn’t figure out where to find it today. That’s f*cking wild,” said one. “This is honestly crazy man. This just goes to show the lack of quality and care they put into the game,” added another. 

“They probably buffed it thinking it was bad because nobody uses it, forgetting they didn’t even put it in the damn game,” another player theorized. 

Others joked that the devs are just “pre-buffing” an attachment that will eventually cause headaches in the community and noted that it was “odd” that there isn’t a suppressed barrel like there has been in previous games.

It remains to be seen if the devs will address the error or if they’ll quietly move on without making too much of a fuss about it.