Warzone 2 guru reveals best aggressive AR after recent buff

Ryan Lemay
Tempus Razor Back Modern Warfare 2

After a recent buff, WhosImmortal made his case for why more players should consider using the Tempus Razorback in Warzone 2.

Modern Warfare 2 Season 4 introduced the Tempus Razorback. The AR is an SMG hybrid that excels in close-to-medium-range gunfights. Unfortunately, the weapon found itself in no man’s land as it wasn’t good enough to surpass SMGs or long-range ARs.

That all changed on July 24 as a balancing update nerfed the battle royale’s best short-range and long-range meta weapons. The only weapon to receive a buff in the update was the Tempus Razorback, as it saw an increase to minimum damage and limb multipliers.

With the game’s meta currently in limbo, early indications point toward the Tempus Razorback being a strong contender for one of the game’s best weapons.

What is the best close-range AR in Warzone 2?

WhosImmortal claimed the Tempus Razorback is his favorite “aggressive” AR for short and medium-range engagements in Warzone 2 after the July 24 update.

The YouTuber called the Razorback a “best of both worlds” between the Chimera and Kastov 74-u.

According to WZ Ranked, the Tempus Razorback climbed all the way up to becoming the game’s seventh most popular weapon with a 4.1% pick rate.

Best Tempus Razorback Warzone loadout

Here is WhosImmortal’s favorite Razorback loadout in Warzone 2 with attachment tuning included.

  • Muzzle: Komodo Heavy(-0.36, +0.20)
  • Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser (-0.23, -24.64)
  • Stock: TR PREAMBLE (-1.68, -1.08)
  • Comb: LTX ECLIPSE (-0.17, -0.10)
  • Magazine: 60-Round Mag

WhosImmortal recommends a 60-round mag because the Razorback’s fire rate is extremely fast. The Preamble stock improves strafe and sprint speed to help in close-range engagements. The Komodo Heavy improves the weapon’s recoil, and every other attachment improves weapon mobility.

For more meta loadouts after the most recent update, check out our guide on the best Warzone 2 weapons.

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