Warzone 2 expert reveals best underbarrel for recoil control


Website sym.gg revealed precise stats for each attachment in Modern Warfare 2 and WhosImmortal unearthed the best underbarrel for recoil control.

Modern Warfare 2 provides players with more Gunsmith customization options than in previous titles. You can equip up to five attachments at a time, and there are well over 100 attachments to mix and match.

On top of that, attachment tuning allows players to change the behavior of individual attachments for different types of playstyles. With so much at a player’s disposal, it can be overwhelming trying to pick the right attachment and correct tuning values.

CoD YouTuber WhosImmortal and sym.gg did the heavy legwork for us, providing exact stats to make building the perfect loadout easier.

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WhosImmortal compares every underbarrel in MW2

Modern Warfare 2 attachment tuning adds an extra layer of weapon customization.

WhosImmortal broke down which underbarrel players should use. Recoil control is extra important in Warzone 2, as players need to be accurate while engaging in a long-range gunfight. Multiple underbarrels improve recoil control, but it’s almost impossible to choose one without exact values.

“An issue that we have had up until this point in time is the attachment stats not fully being available.”

For example, an attachment may increase recoil steadiness, while decreasing aim down sight speed, and aiming stability. MW2 doesn’t tell you exact values, so if another attachment has the same pros and cons, it’s impossible to know which is better.

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Fortunately, sym.gg unveiled exact values for attachment movement speed, recoil, and sway stats.

WhosImmortal used the website and compared every underbarrel on the M4. After going through each attachment one by one, the YouTuber pointed out the Commando Foregrip, FTAC Ripper 56, and the Lockgrip Precision-40.

“In terms of using an underbarrel for control, these are clearly the three standouts in terms of getting good percentages for your actual recoil control which makes the gun easier to use, but also not having extra cons to forward, strafe, and ADS time speed.”

Here are the individual stats for each recommended underbarrel.

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sym.gg describes view kick as “the most common type of recoil,” which moves the camera and point of aim simultaneously. While gun kick moves the gun off the center of the screen and changes the point of where you are aiming.

ADS TimeView KickGun Kick
Lockgrip Precision-40+40ms+10.0%+9.0%
FTAC Ripper 56+40ms+4.0%+4.0%
Commando Foregrip+26ms+3.0%+3.0%

Try these underbarrels for yourself and go with whichever one feels best in-game.