Warzone 2 expert explains how to “never miss again” in a gunfight

warzone 2 operator runningActivision

Accuracy and bullet velocity are essential in Warzone 2, and the LA Guerillas explained how to maximize both categories.

Skill-based hit registration” is one of the biggest myths in Warzone 2. Skill-based hit registration relates to whether or not bullets hit an enemy based on skill level. WZ2 developers have not confirmed whether or not the feature exists, but some content creators believe they need to be more accurate in order to hit their target.

In reality, these perceived “ghost bullets” come down to the bullet velocity and the damage range of a weapon. Al Mazrah’s desert landscape emphasizes long-range combat, and having the right loadout could be the difference between life and death.

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The Los Angeles Guerillas explained how to fix “ghost bullets” and revealed four attachments to help players never miss a shot again.

Warzone 2 expert reveals best attachments for long-range combat.

TAQ-56 Warzone 2Activison
The TAQ-56 is a fan favorite AR in Warzone 2.

The LA Guerillas explained why maximizing bullet velocity and damage range is important in Warzone 2.

In Warzone 2, ARs reign supreme, and this guide is dedicated to building the best possible long-range loadout. The TikToker explained, “The higher the bullet velocity, the faster your bullet reaches the target.”

Decreasing recoil is essential for creating a strong loadout, but maximizing bullet velocity and damage range is just as crucial.

The LA critical listed the XTEN RR-40, Echoless-80, and Polarfire-S as the three best suppressors to give players the best possible bullet velocity and range.

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Players can go one step further by equipping high-velocity ammunition to increase the weapon’s bullet velocity even more.

According to sym.gg, the Echoless-80 suppressor on the TAQ-56 increases the AR’s muzzle velocity by 190 milliseconds. And if you use an XTEN RR-40 on the Fennec, the SMG’s muzzle velocity improves by 90 milliseconds.

Both attachments negatively impact aim-down-sight speed as well, but an increase in range and bullet velocity makes the tradeoff more than worth it.