TimTheTatman claims Warzone 2 has “skill-based hit reg” after bizarre death

timthetatman warzone 2 nukesActivision, TimTheTatman

TimTheTatman believes there is skill-based hit registration in Warzone 2 and backed up his claim with a bizarre clip.

Skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) is at the center of heated debates among Warzone 2 community members. The controversial system matches players with similar skill levels and has especially received criticism in multiplayer.

Some players believe SBMM unfairly punishes anyone who is good at the game by consistently putting them in tougher lobbies. Activision and Infinity Ward don’t share any information regarding the system, but it’s safe to assume WZ2 uses the feature.

Similarly, skill-based hit registration relates to whether or not bullets hit an enemy based on skill level. WZ2 developers have not confirmed whether or not the feature exists, but TimTheTatman believes it’s real.

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TimTheTatman slams Warzone 2 skill-based hit registration

A Warzone 2 operator looking down the sights of their weapon.Activision
Some Warzone 2 players believe skill-based hit registration is real.

Community members have speculated on the existence of skill-based hit registration since WZ1. If a player has a higher skill level, they will have to be more accurate in order to hit their target.

TimTheTatman didn’t initially believe in skill-based hit registration, but a bizarre gunfight changed his perspective.

While firing at an enemy on a bridge with an RPK, Tim claimed he hit the enemy but lost the engagement.

“I have proof there is skill-based, hit-based bullet registration in this game. I didn’t miss a bullet, and nothing hit.”

Tim slowed down the video frame by frame and was still convinced he didn’t miss a shot.

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“I can’t believe what happened to me in that gunfight. I do have bad aim sometimes, but that isn’t right.”

It’s tough to know for sure, as you can only see a sliver of the opponent’s head pear over the bridge as Tim fires away.

Warzone expert TrueGameData created a video in February debunking the existence of skill-based hit registration, but Tim still thinks otherwise.