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Vanguard players want major buff for “useless” stim shots

Published: 11/Nov/2021 22:10

by Jaret Kappelman


Call of Duty: Vanguard players want a massive buff to come to the game’s stim shot tactical as players are finding it to be useless.

Vanguard released on November 5 and players have been grinding out levels, camo challenges, and more.

When players reach level 25 they get access to stims which have been really good in Warzone and other CoD games.

While these can be really helpful to stay in the fight and take constant engagements, stims aren’t as good as they have been in the past and players want that changed.

Vanguard players want stims to be more useful

When creating the perfect aggressive-paced loadout, players usually turn to the stim shot as it allows them to regenerate their health faster.


However, Vanguard players have realized that it is completely useless in this game due to how long it takes to use it and want it fixed immediately.

So basically stims are useless? from CODVanguard

Stim is typically really good as it allows players to start their health regeneration right away after taking a gunfight. However, it takes way too long to whip out and actually stab your character model.

In Vanguard, it takes close to two seconds for the stim to be completely used and start regening health. As such, players are complaining that it takes too long. On Reddit, one user commented saying, “I use a stim and by the time I’m using it I’m basically healed.”


Another Redditor said, “Died so many times using the Stim,” and tons of other players rallied behind this, claiming it has happened to them multiple times as well.

There has been nothing from Sledgehammer Games’ side acknowledging that this is an issue or if stims are really working as intended, so players might have to skip out on using stims in their Vanguard loadouts for now.