How to fix error code 48 in Call of Duty: Warzone

Andrew Highton
warzone error code 48

Warzone has had a few different error codes that prevent players from being able to enjoy Activision’s battle royale extravaganza. This is how you can deal with the ‘error code 48’ issue.

Players have to deal with Warzone obstacles on a regular basis. Invisible wall glitches and broken buy stations are just some of the issues that players have to deal with in-game, but before they can even get to the gameplay aspect, many fans of the game are stuck in the game’s main menu or even boot-up screen.

Error code difficulties crop up from time to time with Goldflake, Error Code 47, and 896 being just a few different examples of them. Now, error code 48 is another problematic issue that has reared its ugly head once more.

Here are a few ways to deal with this pesky predicament.


What is Warzone’s error code 48?

Error code 48 has been a regular complaint for players as of late in Warzone Pacific, and the issue crops up on the game’s very first screen to click through.

It prevents anyone from even getting to the lobby screen and says: “Download has failed. Do you wish to retry?” along with the message itself, “Error code: 48.”

Warzone error code 48 solutions for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & PC

This is understandably frustrating for anyone encountering it. Raven Software hasn’t officially acknowledged the error code as of yet. But we have found some methods that can help you to solve this issue.

Check for an update

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It could very well be that your version of Warzone isn’t up to scratch. If it’s lacking the most recent update, then the game simply won’t work. Head to the game’s updates section and see if there’s an option for any new refreshes.

Another thing you can do is double-check what the latest version of the game is supposed to be, then go to your console’s download notifications and see if you’ve had a recent update that corresponds to it.

Furthermore, it might be that your updates are set to manual, so consider altering the settings so that they’ll download automatically.

Investigate your internet connection

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We’re not aware of a solution coming soon, but these should help you for now.

Again, if you’re in need of the new update, it could be that the internet connection isn’t stable enough to handle it. Simply do an internet connection test on console or PC and test the strength of your connection. If it’s being troublesome, then you may need to consider contacting your internet provider or switching to a wired connection.

Also, you can’t go wrong with the old turning it off and on again method.

Uninstall Warzone

If all else fails, then the last-ditch solution is to just uninstall Warzone altogether. It’s finicky and will obviously take some time to reinstall Warzone’s huge game file. However, sometimes things just need a hard reset to fix themselves, and it’s always worth a go as a last resort!

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