CoD Zombies door spotted IRL as players roast viral Twitter selfie

call of duty zombies kid gun selfieTwitter, @guwopissak / Activision

The Call of Duty Zombies community took a break from fighting the undead in Vanguard to throw hands on Twitter. One random user’s fit pic selfie went viral for all the wrong reasons, as he got roasted for a familiar-looking door.

If you’ve played CoD in the past decade, you’ve probably played some form of Zombies at one point or another. And, in that experience, you likely encountered the mode’s door mechanic – where players are able to unlock and board up entrances.

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This context apparently matters outside of areas overrun by the undead, too. As one Twitter user found out, Zombies players are everywhere, and they are… very observant.

Someone by the name of ‘LIL GUWOP’ decided to show off their outfit, backpack, and gun with a caption about “getting money” on Twitter. While that original tweet got around 1,200 likes, quote tweets about his door have gone viral.

CoD Zombies players roast selfie for IRL Zombies door

As you can see in the pictures, Guwop takes centerstage – gun in hand, bag on floor, and a caption asking not to be ‘put in allat ra ra.’ But, as you can see from the quote tweet’s caption, people aren’t worried about putting him in the ‘ra ra,’ they’re worried he’s in a real-world Zombies map.

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Twitter user ‘Kolbsterr’ had a simple reaction to Guwop’s home furnishings: “Nazi zombies door in the crib is crazy.” They weren’t alone, either, with people in the replies even wondering if that explains Guwop’s gun: “mf paid $400 to buy his strap off the wall.”

Some users are even concerned for Guwop’s ability to comfortably tread through his apartment. One responded with a photoshopped “open door” purchase from Zombies, while another elaborated “bro gotta pay 750$ just to get through the door.”

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On his end, Guwop has taken the roasts with absolute grace. While many are concerned about the fire hazard of needing to buy your way through doorways, he’s laughing about the whole ordeal. Seeing that his IRL Zombies content has hit Instagram, Guwop said “y’all done brought it to Instagram” with a bunch of laughing emojis. 

Given the current drama surrounding Vanguard’s Zombies, it’s nice to see the entire community having some fun.

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