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Vanguard devs testing new spawn system with Experimental Playlist

Published: 25/Mar/2022 18:44 Updated: 25/Mar/2022 18:48

by Jaret Kappelman


Call of Duty: Vanguard devs are finally testing a new spawn system as a March 25 update introduced an Experimental Playlist, and players can provide feedback to Sledgehammer Games. 

Ever since Vanguard’s release in November 2021, players have been extremely vocal about the game’s poor spawn system and how it’s not a fair mechanic.

With squad spawning being in the game, it means that you can revive right next to a teammate no matter who is around, which can take away from the competitive nature of CoD.

Players have shown how bad this is and have asked for changes. Good news is that Sledgehammer Games appears to be listening as they begin to test a new system in the FPS.


Vanguard March 25 update brings spawn system tests

Sledgehammer Games have been committed to fixing the core issues of the FPS and are working to fix a huge complaint with spawns.

This has seen them bring in the Experimental Playlist, which will provide players with a less random system in hopes to “fix” the current spawn mechanics that have been “failing.”

From the patch notes, SHG said spawns should “prevent players from spawning in a position where an enemy player immediately threatens them.” They know their current one hasn’t been doing a good job of that, so they introduced the Experimental Playlist.

In this mode they “ have modified the spawn system… With these changes, players should feel that spawns are less random, especially in objective-based modes.”


Vanguard devs want player feedback on new spawns

Vanguard Feb 3 update
Vanguard players can let SHG know about the new spawn system.

Another great part of this feature is that SHG is asking the players to give them their feedback on how the new system is working.

You can visit their survey, which asks a number of questions including: Are the spawns better? Are  the spawns consistent? And more. There are seven things in total that the devs are looking to get feedback on.

Depending on how the system works and player feedback, we could see it implemented into the core playlists of all Vanguard modes.