Havok hits back at Crimsix for making him "the bad guy" in Subliners CDL drama - Dexerto
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Havok hits back at Crimsix for making him “the bad guy” in Subliners CDL drama

Published: 25/Mar/2022 17:28

by Jacob Hale


After the fallout of the New York Subliners Call of Duty League roster, with James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks for Paul ‘PaulEhx’ Avila, Crimsix hinted that potential pickup Colt ‘Havok’ McLendon might have clued Clay in — and he’s hit back at the three-time world champion.

The Subliners had an abysmal Major 1, one of the two worst teams in the league alongside Paris Legion, despite having some of the most talented players in CoD history on their roster.

As such, ahead of Major 2 Qualifiers, they were looking to make one or two changes in their starting line-up, which resulted in PaulEhx coming in.


One name that was commonly being discussed, however, was Havok, and while that opportunity never arose, there has been some back and forth between himself and Crimsix after the dust settled.

Dallas Empire Crimsix CDL
Dallas Empire
Crimsix spoke about his issues around the Subliners roster drama during a Twitch stream.

During a stream on March 24, Crimsix suggested that Havok called Clayster straight after the two of them spoke, and that roster plans may have been discussed. “He called Clay immediately after that call and, I’m going to assume, literally told him everything we just said.”

Havok, though, was quick to point out that this wasn’t true at all. “Well this ain’t even true,” he said. “Clay reached out to ME before I ever talked to Crim and HyDra so I heard him out. Always trying to paint me as the bad guy.”


Crim was quick to apologize for getting his wires crossed, saying that “All I know is that next day vs FL something was severely off/weird.”

While the drama appears to have been settled, Havok was clearly looking to defend himself in the same way he had to a few days prior, when he wrote a long post explaining his decision not to join the New York CDL franchise.

The Subliners currently sit in 11th place in the CoD League standings, with just two wins to their name at the time of writing. They’ll be hoping to put this drama behind them and start racking up some notches in the W column.