CoD Vanguard’s broken spawn traps make Free-For-All a killstreak exploit

Andrew Highton
vanguard operators in combat

Vanguard’s infamous spawns are once again being called into question by players. The game’s classic Free-For-All game mode is currently being affected by the “horrible spawn system,” making for some truly broken and exploitable games.

Call of Duty spawns are notorious for their inconsistency and odd decision-making. This has been a reoccurring issue in CoD games for the last 10+ years and Vanguard has been no different. Some games move along seamlessly, whereas some are plagued by wildly erratic spawning near enemies.

Unless you’re playing Shipment, then it’s never too much to handle. However, a new example of spawns has highlighted a severe problem in one of the game’s most popular modes — Free-For-All.

vanguard operators covering each other
Spawns and camping have been a problem in Call of Duty since the dawn of time itself.

Team Deathmatch and Domination are staples of CoD multiplayer, and so is Free-For-All. It’s the one mode where you pretty much cannot rely on anyone else and it boils down to your individual ability.

Sadly though, many players are having their Free-For-All gameplay hampered and bogged down by strange spawns, gifting easy kills and Killstreaks to enemy players.

In a post titled “Hardcore FFA gets destroyed by people abusing the horrible spawn system. Every round you have these people!” on the Vanguard subreddit, user KobraKay87  showed what happened to them.

The clip showed the player spawning and dying four times in a row on the exact same spot. After the fourth death, they observed the Killcam to pinpoint the location of their killer. The footage concluded with the player locating the offending opponent, who was camped, prone in a hidden spot behind a wall, and ending them.

One amusing comment said: “This is probably a good time to be a shield turtle.” Whereas someone else offered a slightly more serious thought on Vanguard’s spawns: “It sucks that people exploit this. But I have more disdain for the devs in charge of spawn logic than the players exploiting it.”

Spawn logic was one of the main things addressed during the Vanguard beta, and it’s always possible that Sledgehammer will continue to monitor its performance as the game’s lifecycle progresses.