UYU announce surprising roster change for CWL Pro League just days after acquiring Methodz

Albert Petrosyan

With just days before the Call of Duty World League’s Pro League kicks off, UYU have announced a roster move that has caught many by surprise.

On January 30, the org announced that Anthony ‘Methodz’ Zinni will be placed into the starting squad for the upcoming Pro League, taking the place of Tristan ‘Spoof’ Green.

Methodz was acquired by UYU on January 28 from G2 Esports, who were unable to qualify for the Pro League after being eliminated from the recent qualifying tournament.

After initially being brought on as a substitute, Methodz has now been inserted into a starting role, and will join Skyz, Proto, Mayhem, and Knight in the team when the Pro League begins on February 4. 

This roster move has caused quite a stir as Spoof had a very emotional response to being demoted to the substitute’s role and essentially losing his status as a pro player just weeks after helping UYU qualify for the Pro League. 

“Being the good guy does not always result in good scenarios,” he tweeted. “People are lucky I’m a good person. So many things could be said right now.” 

“Had every opportunity to make my stats higher but let my teammates have weapon specialists and stuns so they could be better. YIKES!”

He later admitted that the prospect of having to deliver the news to his mother drove him to tears, as he had to confess to her that all his hard work has seemingly gone down the drain.

“My mom came in my room and I had to look her in the eye and tell her I worked my ass off to become a pro only to not play a single match in the Pro League and be dropped back to the amateurs. Can’t even look her in the eye without crying.”


Spoof also went on to reveal that it was Christopher ‘Parasite’ Duarte, not Methodz, who had been the players’ first choice to recruit for the substitute role, but that the org overruled them and decided to go with the latter.

“We chose Haggy and UYU chose Methodz. Said it would help with sponsorship requests equating to more money for us,” he tweeted. “Team had no idea UYU’s plans for it until late last night. Then they voted me out.”

According to Spoof, former World Champion Parasite was to be their substitute until UYU overrode the players’ decision and went with Methodz.

Methodz has also since put out a statement since the announcement: “Situations like these are always tough because there are always things that can’t be said. It’s impossible to not feel absolutely horrible but, at the same time, any player in my position would have to accept a starting role in the league.” 

Some have been criticizing Methodz for apparently “swindling” his way to the starting role, although eUnited’s coach ‘Saintt’ revealed that it was UYU who pushed for the change. 

UYU will be playing in Division A of the Pro League that features some powerhouse teams such as OpTic Gaming, Luminosity Gaming, and Evil Geniuses.

You can get all of the information about the Pro League, including streams, schedules, Divisions, and more, by visiting our dedicated Pro League hub.

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