TSM Hamlinz suffers explosively dramatic death playing Modern Warfare

Eli Becht

TSM member Darryle ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Hamlinz has returned to streaming after a long hiatus, but he’s back and has quickly gotten back to entertaining viewers in a way only he knows how.

After playing Superhot in VR, we see that Hamlinz still has a taste for the theatrics and those came back in hilarious fashion while playing Modern Warfare.

TSMHamlinz (center) with his TSM teammates.

Anyone playing Modern Warfare knows how campy it can be, and as a result, claymores have become a strong part of the current meta. It’s to the point where you never know what’s sitting right around the corner.

After eliminating an enemy, Hamlinz moved forward before triggering a claymore and going out to an explosion. As this happened, he flung himself back in his chair like he felt the explosion as well. He quickly recovered, but for a second viewers were wondering if he actually felt the blast.

Hamlinz didn’t have much downtime to even take it what happened as he respawned and got straight back to business.

Reasons like this are why the Twitch community missed Hamlinz while he was on his streaming hiatus. In fact, both he and fellow TSM member Daquan were hardly streaming so Myth had to take the brunt of the questions.

Now that he’s back, we’re able to see these hilarious antics more often and we get to see why Hamlinz is one of Twitch’s most entertaining streamers.

Infinity WardModern Warfare is more campy than previous games.

The TSM creator skyrocketed in popularity while playing Fortnite as many others did on Twitch, but he’s been playing a lot more variety since his return and it has had a strong impact on his viewership.

As many players become burnt out on Fortnite, it’s important to find something else to spend your time on and it looks like Hamlinz has done that.

Now viewers are left wondering what upcoming video game death will produce the next over-the-top reaction.

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