Crazy Modern Warfare highlight shows how shotguns can be used as snipers

Shotguns could be the most powerful weapon-type in Call of Duty community has highlighted why.

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Modern Warfare released on October 25 and the community has already gravitated towards a few select weapons that seem to stand out among the pack. 

From the devastating M4A1 Assault Rifle to the MP7 SMG, Call of Duty pros have outlined their favorites to utilize in competition. Yet one surprising weapon type seems to be broken beyond belief and these absurd highlights show why shotguns might be the most powerful weapons in the game today.

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In a November 4 clip, Reddit user ‘TimbsB’ showcased a ridiculous clip and joked the “725 [shotgun] is the best sniper.”

In the midst of a closely contested Ground War match, the player found themselves on top of a skyscraper with a shotgun in hand. Rather than equipping a trustworthy long-range weapon like the AX-50 sniper rifle, they instead opted to keep the shotgun and test their skills from afar.

Infinity Ward - Call of Duty: Modern WarfareThe 725 shotgun can be equipped with slug rounds which allows for damage at a longer range.
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Noticing the glint of a sniper scope on a distant rooftop, the player aimed directly overhead of the enemy and fired a single slug. Having accommodated for projectile speed and bullet-drop, the slug connected and the kill was confirmed just like that.

One clip exemplified how shotguns can be surprisingly effective from such a long distance. While it was no easy shot to hit, the fact that shotguns are even capable of competing with sniper rifles in the first place is ripe for controversy.

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Not only can the weapon type compete with snipers at a long-range, but shotguns have proven to be extremely effective against SMG players as well. 

Call of Duty veteran and player for the Los Angeles Guerillas, Jacob ‘Decemate’ Cato, shared a sequence of events on Twitter that forced him to back out of a lobby in frustration, stating “I’m off this sh*t.”

Having connected with multiple hitmarkers in rapid succession, the pro is quickly turned on and gunned down with a single blast from the opposing shotgun. Quickly respawning and rushing to the B Flag site once again, Decemate is eliminated by the same enemy utilizing a shotgun from a distance. At that range, SMG’s should almost always win the gunfight, however with current weapon balancing shotguns appear to be too strong.

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One of the most accomplished players in CSGO history, Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz even offered his opinion on the issue. Stating that he had “been playing CoD all day” and that Counter-Strike players “can’t complain about weapon balancing.”

“The shotguns in that game jeeeeeeeeeeeez,” the Danish superstar joked, piling onto the heap of criticism directed at the insanely powerful weapon type.

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Even Call of Duty veterans such as Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow have called out how “ridiculous” shotguns can be due to their unjustifiable range and damage output

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Infinity Ward has been quick to issues changes for controversial issues since the release of Modern Warfare. Adjusting Dead Silence just days after launch and keeping an active conversation going with the Call of Duty community to ensure that even more fixes are in the works. Here’s hoping that shotguns can be a key target in the next set of nerfs.

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