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Treyarch tease new mode coming in Black Ops 4 Update

Published: 8/Jan/2019 14:26

by Calum Patterson


Treyarch have all but confirmed a new mode will be dropping in Black Ops 4 in an update set for January 8, but it’s not the mode that everyone is waiting for.

Responding to a Reddit post, Treyarch’s official account strongly hinted that a “Mercenary Hardcore” mode will be coming, in a new update.


The mode, while certainly in demand, is a fairly niche one, only suiting players in Hardcore who don’t run in parties, which is far from a majority of the player base.

The news will both excite and disappoint in equal measure, as there is a growing number of players who are becoming impatient waiting for the launch of League Play.


However, this comment from Treyarch at the very least confirms there are updates coming soon, and they will have no doubt heard the calls from the community regarding League Play.

The latest word from the development studio was in December, when it was announced that League Play and the associated World League Hub would release fully in ‘early 2019’, but there has been nothing more concrete since.

Treyarch first confirmed League Play would be returning at the Black Ops 4 reveal event.

The comment from Treyarch was made at 7:37pm PT on January 7, which tells us the update with a Mercenary Hardcore playlist will be coming January 8.


While it is probably ambitious to expect League Play is included in the update, players will be very keen to have at least an update on its progress, or perhaps even an official release date.

Call of Duty

AS VAL and SP-R 208 nerfs coming to Warzone & Modern Warfare

Published: 7/Oct/2020 15:55

by Matt Porter


Infinity Ward have confirmed that they are in the process of releasing a patch that will nerf Season 6’s AS VAL and SP-R 208 weapons, which have been causing major issues for players on both Modern Warfare multiplayer and Warzone.

Call of Duty fans are always eager for new weapons to be added to Warzone with the release of a new season, helping keep the ultra-popular battle royale mode fresh and exciting for those who regularly jump into Verdansk in search of victories.


Adding new weapons isn’t always easy though, as making sure they are balanced and fair can prove to be tricky. You don’t know how they will truly perform until they are in the hands of the massive Call of Duty player base, and often need to be adjusted afterward to bring them in line with the other guns.

Season 6’s new weapons have proved to particularly problematic though, with the SP-R 208’s speed, power and accuracy as a sniper rifle allowing anyone to become a one-shot killing machine. While the AS VAL has been shooting through unlimited surfaces, thanks to then 10 round mag attachment that sees it slam through six walls with ease on maps like St. Petrograd.


Unsurprisingly, Warzone and Modern Warfare fans aren’t particularly happy about the new weapons, which can make it impossible to avoid death while taking cover or make you an easy target for snipers.

Thankfully, Infinity Ward have been listening to the complaints, and a fix is on the way to get these problems ironed out for what is likely to be the final Modern Warfare in-game season.

In a tweet sent out by Infinity Ward‘s Senior Communications Manager Ashton Williams, not only are the developers intent on balancing the weapons, but they have already created the updates required and are testing them ahead of release.


“We currently have a patch being tested that has weapon tuning for the AS VAL and SP-R 208,” it reads. “Pending any unforeseen issues, we’ll release it as soon as possible.”

While the fix is on the way, Williams didn’t go as far as giving a confirmed release date for the patch. These things can often be delayed due to other bugs cropping up as a result of the fix, so Infinity Ward will want to make sure that nothing else breaks because of it during thier testing phase.

At least a fix is on the way though, and soon you’ll be able to take cover behind walls safe in the knowledge that you aren’t about to get destroyed by someone with AS VAL aimed right where you’re hiding.