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Treyarch announce major nerfs coming to Blackout’s Level 3 Armor, Concussions, and Cluster Grenades

Published: 24/Jan/2019 2:37 Updated: 24/Jan/2019 2:38

by Albert Petrosyan


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout battle royale mode is set to receive some major changes to its Level 3 Armor, Concussions, and Cluster Grenades.

Treyarch Studio Design Lead David Vonderhaar tweeted out the big news on January 23, detailing how the effectiveness of each of the three items will be reduced going forward


For Level 3 Armor, it will now take two Shards, or Armor Plates, to repair one point of damage. Currently, all three levels of Armor require one Shard to repair one point of damage. 

Concussions will see a reduction in both duration and the range of their area of effect, and players hit by them will now be able to switch weapons, toss equipment, and melee while concussed.


Last but not least, Cluster Grenades will have a damage reduction and will take an extra second to go off, which will afford players more time to escape the damage radius.


Level 3 Armor has been arguably the most complained about item in Blackout since the game’s release.

This series of changes seriously addresses a lot of what the Blackout community has been persistently complaining about since the game’s release in mid-October.

A lot of the players’ contention was with the idea that these items and equipment were far too powerful and had too much influence over the outcome of gunfights and games. 


As expected, the announcement has been very positively received by the player-base on social media, with many excited at the prospect of a much more fresh and fun Blackout experience. 

In addition to the changes above, Vonderhaar has also hinted at EMP Grenades possibly being added to Blackout down the line in a reply he made to a post on Reddit. 


“While I personally don’t think the EMP should removed player names, I do think the EMP could be an interesting addition to Blackout,” he wrote. “It’s on the schedule, but a bit downstream and lower priority…”