Tommey, MuTeX & more call for weapon bans in $1.2m World Series of Warzone

Jacob Hale

The World Series of Warzone is set to be the biggest tournament Verdansk has ever seen, but with the launch of Season 4 happening just days before, several pros are calling for weapon and equipment bans to improve the quality of matches.

The launch of Season 4 saw new locations, Red Doors, and a series of weapon balancing changes come to Warzone. The biggest change, however, is something that many players will already be experiencing the frustration of, with the addition of the MG 82 LMG.

The gun packs a serious punch, especially when built with the right loadout, but it’s way too overpowered in the eyes of most and, barring a nerf arriving before the tournament kicks off, many pros want it banned for the big tournament.

So, alongside the MG 82, many top Warzone pros are calling for certain bans in the World Series of Warzone, including perks and equipment.

World Series of Warzone
The World Series of Warzone event is the biggest in the BR’s history.

On June 19-20, the Baka Bros hosted their own custom Warzone tournament designed to emulate the WSOW format, but they also banned certain weapons and items to make a more level playing field.

These include the MG 82, the Restock perk, custom Shotguns, and all launchers. And, from what it seems like, the pros were a huge fan of these restrictions being in place.

MuTeX shared the restrictions, saying that it would be “dope for WSOW” to have them in place.

Veteran Call of Duty legend Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren — one of the favorites for the tournament — even thought to bring some CDL-style Gentlemen’s Agreements to the WSOW, asking fellow pros to come together to not use the MG 82.

LuckyChamu responded in agreement, but added that the “only thing that would suck is the ground loot MG is still crazy.”

There’s clearly some desire from top names to have certain weapons or items removed from the loot pool in the World Series of Warzone.

Whether Activision actually removes these items, though, remains to be seen. Make sure to check our dedicated WSOW hub for any major updates and to keep track of everything occurring in Warzone’s biggest event to date.