TikToker goes viral for explaining boyfriend’s Warzone lingo

Michael Gwilliam
Girlfriend explains boyfriend's warzone lingo

A woman’s TikTok explaining her boyfriend’s Warzone lingo and terminology to other women who don’t game themselves has gone viral after being spread across the platform.

Like many other games, Call of Duty Warzone features some terms players use that can sound foreign to those who don’t play the game themselves. As such, Makenzie Reece set out to create a bit of an explainer video.

In the TikTok, Makenzie Reece sits by her boyfriend as he plays Warzone and waits for him to make calls which she then “translates” for non-gamers to understand.

It begins with Reece sitting on the floor while her boyfriend communicates with his squad, telling them to “mark a buy.”

makwaters explaining boyfriend warzone lingo
It’s simple: He plays and she explains.

The video then shifts to Reece in another room going into detail about what the lingo actually means. “Mark a buy means he wants his teammates to pinpoint where one of the buy stations are,” she explained.

Next, she proceeded to decipher “buy me back” and did a pretty good job at doing so. “Buy me back means that he’s dead, but his teammates has enough money to bring him back to life.”

“‘Money’s at the buy’ means that he dropped money off at a buy station for his teammate to come pick up to purchase something,” she further noted in the next term of lingo.

Following this, the TikTokker’s boyfriend started frantically calling for someone to pick him up as he was on the roof, and once again Makenzie showcased her Warzone knowledge.

“Pick me up means he’s about to die and he needs his teammate to come revive him,” she said.

Finally, in the most amusing part of the video, her boyfriend seemed to have lost the match and judging by his reaction, she gave the best translation yet: “just don’t ask.”

Climb to top of array tower in Warzone
Warzone is one of the most popular battle royale games with its own lingo.

The TikTok has spread like wildfire, with over 350K watches and nearly 40,000 likes. It was also posted on the Warzone Reddit where users were impressed with how “wholesome” the comms were and how supportive the player’s girlfriend was.

Seeing as this is only “part one” of the Warzone video, we can’t wait to see what else Reece and her boyfriend have in store for us in the future.