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Symfuhny’s trio wins $100K ROKKR Royale Warzone tourney: final placements

Published: 1/Oct/2020 1:40 Updated: 1/Oct/2020 1:46

by Daniel Cleary


Call of Duty League’s Minnesota ROKKR hosted their second ROKKR Royale, the first massive Warzone tournament in Season 6, that featured many of the top streamers and pro players battling it out for a share of a $100,000 prize pool. We’ve got everything you need to catch up on the action.

There has been plenty of competitive action so far on Warzone, as many of the top content creators have turned to Call of Duty’s battle royale, taking part in the different tournaments that have been hosted in recent months.


CDL team Minnesota ROKKR hosted the first the “ROKKR Royale” back in April, and have since brought it back with an increased prize pool and even more top streamers and Call of Duty pro players.

Now that Season 6 is live in Warzone, along with the brand new subway system and all the other changes, it was the perfect time to see who from the battle royale’s elite could be the first to dominate.

Warzone character holding an lmg
Infinity Ward
Minnesota Rokkr hosted a massive Warzone tournament with many of the top CoD stars.

ROKKR Royale Warzone Tournament Recap

After a delay to the event due to the shaky launch of Season 6, the ROKKR Royale event properly got underway on September 30. Stacked Trios took to Verdansk for a few hours to determine who would make it through to the final four. Throughout the initial portion, only the best four games for each team was taken into consideration. As a result, those that were able to chase down eliminations and secure some wins were given a sizeable lead.

A handful of veteran players and prominent Warzone tournament winners bowed out early in this event. From Chicago Huntsmen’s Formal to Tfue’s squad and plenty others. Cracking the 300-point mark was a feat only accomplished by 13 teams and this is where things got tight. The difference between the top of that pack and the bottom was barely a few kills. Ultimately, it was Symfuhny, Tommey, Frozone, and Swagg who led their Trios into the final rounds, however.

After some extremely close lobbies and a handful of wins, it was Shmfuhny, HusKers, and Zlaner who proved to be the strongest of the top four. Just two points separated them from the second-place team of Swagg, Booya, and Superevan. Additionally, the team of TTinyy, Rallied, and Mayappo_ won $10,000 for achieving the most eliminations throughout the day at 78 kills.


ROKKR Royale Warzone Tournament Results (Top 8)

Place Team $ Prize Money
1st Symfuhny, HusKers, & Zlaner $45,000
2nd Swagg, Booya, & Superevan $25,000
3rd Frozone, Aydan, & MuTeX $10,000
4th Tommey, TBE_Newbzz, & Almxnd_ $10,000
5th Censor, Yungstaz6, & ScummN
6th Vikkstar, Jukeyz, & Rated
7th Muddawg, ClutchBelk, & Royalize
8th Zigueira, Ninext, & TonyBoy

When did the ROKKR Royale tournament start?

The ROKKR Royale’s Warzone tournament was scheduled to kick off on Tuesday, September 29 at 12pm PT / 3pm ET / 8pm BST and wrap up on Wednesday, September 30, but it was postponed due to game crashes caused by the new update.

Instead, it transitioned to a single-day event that started on Wednesday, September 30 at 12pm PT / 3pm ET / 8pm BST and lasted for around five hours.

How to rewatch ROKKR Royale Warzone tournament

Warzone fans were able to watch their favorite streamers and pro players on Call of Duty’s official Twitch channel, with the event hosted by Alex ‘Goldenboy’ Mendez and commentary from CDL casters Lottie Van-Praag and Miles Ross.


Many of the players were also sharing their own perspectives throughout the event as per usual. We’ve embedded the official hub stream below for you to catch up.

Official Call of Duty Twitch stream


Who played in the ROKKR Royale? – players & teams

There were 34 trios competing in this competition – many of which were stacked with the biggest streamers, influencers, and professional Call of Duty League players.

Included were names like Timthetatman, Tfue, Vikkstar, TeeP, Gotaga, Censor, Swagg, Attach, Aydan, Crowder, and many more:

ROKKRThe full list of teams that competed in today’s ROKKR Royale Warzone tournament.

Format & prize pool breakdown

While an original format was set to feature competition across two days, a minor delay resulted in a major format change. The event transitioned to a single-day tournament instead. To start things out, teams had four hours to play their absolute best. The four best games from this window were added up, and the top four teams were able to advance to the next stage.

As usual, points were accumulated through kills and overall wins. The same rules applied for the final section of the event with the top four lineups. Teams had two hours here to set their best two games, with the most successful Trio walking away with $45,000.

Here’s how the full $100,000 prize pool was split up:

  • 1st – $45,000
  • 2nd – $25,000
  • 3rd – $10,000
  • 4th – $10,000
  • Highest eliminations in total – $10,000

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Call of Duty

Weird Warzone glitch forces players into hearing never-ending rock music

Published: 13/Oct/2020 12:35

by James Busby


Warzone players have been rocking out to the game’s new vehicle music as they drive through the frozen fields of Verdansk. However, for some, these catchy tunes never end.

There’s no denying that Warzone Season 6 has had its fair share of problems. Aside from the train station teething problems and return of the ‘demon gun’ texture glitch, there have been some new additions to the seemingly ever-growing bugfix list.


So far, Activision has had to fix an overpowered bug that allowed the AS VAL to shoot through unlimited walls, a game-breaking unlimited Stim glitch, and now Modern Warfare fans are reporting a rock and roll related problem. 

While Warzone’s new music tracks certainly liven up your drive time commutes across Verdansk, they can also pose a risk to your game-winning plays. This is particularly true when the music in question doesn’t actually stop. The continuous blare of heavy rock certainly gets us pumped in games like DOOM, but it really doesn’t help in FPS titles like Warzone where you need to hear enemy footsteps. 


What is the Warzone music glitch? 

The addition of playable vehicle music certainly isn’t a new feature in Warzone – in fact, players have been able to equip certain CoD related tracks since Season 5. However, music fans can now listen to their favorite tracks from the likes of DMX, Skrillex, Jack Harlow, and iconic themes from across the Call of Duty series. 

Unfortunately, these tunes have caused a rather interesting and mildly infuriating glitch. The bug seems to happen when you or any of your squadmates have any of the game’s War Tracks equipped and enter a vehicle. While this bug may not be that bad when listening to the game’s quieter tracks, things can get incredibly frustrating when the heavy metal Juggernaut theme plays on a loop.

You may be tempted to blow up your vehicle or drive it off the nearest cliff edge, but even this won’t stop the never-ending audio. Some players have reported that they still hear vehicle music, even when they have the audio option turned off in the game’s settings. “The rock music won’t stop, even after getting out of the vehicle. To top it off, my teammate and I had already turned the audio off before the game,” says one frustrated player


“After it just wouldn’t stop and we couldn’t hear A THING, we even destroyed the vehicle in hopes it would quiet down. Ultimately, we just disconnected when we couldn’t take it anymore.” Some Warzone players have even reported that they managed to get to the final ring with the same heavy rock track blaring down their earphones. 

How to fix the Warzone vehicle music glitch

Modern Warfare Juggernaut
Activision / Infinity Ward
It seems the Juggernaut War Track is the most common offender.

Fortunately, some crafty players have discovered that you can fix this pesky audio issue by selecting the Black Ops music pack from the War Tracks menu. Meanwhile, if you encounter the problem mid-game, simply enter another vehicle in the hopes that it fixes the never-ending audio loop. 

There have even been reports that constantly getting in and out of the offending vehicle will eventually fix the issue. Of course, your experience may vary and some of these fixes may not work. Warzone Season 6 certainly seems to be off to a rocky start and it looks like we’ll just have to wait until Activision officially fixes this audio issue in a future patch. 


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