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Symfuhny reveals “only” Milano loadout you need in Warzone Season 4

Published: 17/Jul/2021 12:11

by Joe Craven


Warzone streamer Mason ‘Symfuhny’ Lanier has unveiled his Season 4 Milano 821 loadout, promising that the close-range SMG build is the only loadout you’ll need. 

Despite struggling to make any noticeable impact in Warzone before Season 4, the high-damage, slow-firing Black Ops Cold War SMG has exploded in the latest season of CoD’s battle royale.

It’s not as popular as some of Season 4’s meta weapons – the FARA 83 and the Krig 6 – but its damage up close makes it a monster if players can consistently connect their shots. Thankfully, because of the gun’s moderate but predictable recoil, this isn’t nearly as challenging as it could be.


As one of Warzone’s foremost content creators, Symfuhny is uniquely qualified to recommend weapon loadouts and, after dropping 44 kills with his new Milano loadout, his opinion seems justified.

The Milano loadout being used is the Flower Power variant, which pairs subtlety with speed, meaning players can make the most of its close-range damage.

Milano Warzone Season 4 Symfuhny

  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Stock: Tactical Stock
  • Underbarrel: Bruiser Grip
  • Ammunition: Vandal Speed Loader
  • Optic: SnapPoint

As previously mentioned, this class relies on speed and mobility, rather than looking to minimize the weapon’s recoil or extend its range.

If you want to swap out the optic then that’s your call, with the SnapPoint being one attachment Sym has changed in Twitch streams.


With such a strong close-range weapon as the Milano, most players would opt for a longer-range weapon, like the Kilo 141 or even the Kar98k. Sym, though, goes for the Paint Splatter variant of the semi-automatic Gallo SA12 shotgun. It makes the overall loadout incredibly strong up close, but lacking a lot at distance.

As such, players will have to adjust their play styles and get up close and personal with almost all enemies. After that, though, you’ll be set for any combat you find yourself in.