Swagg’s unique one-shot sniper dominates in Warzone 2 Season 3 Reloaded

Connor Bennett
Red Tempus Torrent skin in Warzone 2

YouTube star Swagg has a bit of a unique one-shot sniper class that he’s dominating with in Warzone 2, but it’s not technically a sniper – it’s a converted battle rifle. 

When Warzone 2 first launched, it had a whole host of fan-favorite features from the original Warzone, but the devs did also use it as a chance to experiment with a few things. 

Those changes meant that not everything made it from the previous battle royale, and that included one-shot snipers. After plenty of complaints from the community, they were brought back in Warzone 2 during Season 3, but you have to use explosive ammo to have them work. 

Naturally, some snipers have shot right up the pick rate charts and become must-use weapons. Though, there is also another way to create a one-shot long-range weapon that will dominate enemies. 

Tempus Torrent SR-25 loadout in Warzone 2

We’re talking about is a conversion for the Tempus Torrent that was highlighted by Swagg in his May 17 video, as he noted it can look and feel like a sniper with a few tweaks.

The FaZe Clan star heralded its “one shot” potential and said it’s “so fun” to use. “It literally one shots to the head, no recoil, and kills way too quick in my opinion,” Swagg said. “This will probably get patched.”

The way to convert the rifle into a more sniper-like weapon is to add a longer barrel, a bipod, and a longer-range scope. And, of course, you tweak the tunings in the right way. 

  • Barrel: 24’ Outreach
  • Underbarrel: Cornerstone Bipod
  • Laser: FSS Ole-V Laser
  • Optic: SZ Heatsource 800
  • Guard: Torrent Tac Guard

Interestingly, despite previously being one of the most dominant weapons in the game, the Tempus Torrent has fallen off a fair bit due to recent nerfs. 

As per WZRanked stats, it has a 0.4% pick rate and has become the 29th most-used gun around. Though, that could change is players latch on to Swagg’s class.