Swagg shows why you shouldn’t try to play ‘claw’ on Warzone

Andrew Highton
Faze swagg and scuf controllerActivision, Swagg, Scuf

Many Call of Duty pros over the years have adopted and utilized the claw method of holding a controller. Its difficulty means it’s not for everyone, but Warzone streamer Swagg decided to give it a go on one of his recent videos.

The majority of people who play CoD will typically have the controller ensconced in the palms of their hands with their fingers resting comfortably on the triggers and sticks on either side.

However, another way of holding a pad has been known in the CoD community for a few years now — the claw – and popularized by many top competitive players.

It offers a different kind of experience for controller players, and allows for the toggle and buttons to be used at the same time, as the forefinger is used for the buttons while the thumbs operate the toggles. Swagg became one of the world’s biggest CoD stars using the default method, but he experimented with the claw and it didn’t go very well.

swag holding his controller using claw gripSwagg, Scuf
It won’t be to everyone’s tastes.

Warzone claw method proves tricky for Swagg

“For today’s video, I’m [going to] try the claw playstyle and just see what it’s like, see how they play it, and just give it a go. I think Scump, Biffle, a lot of the people play claw,” Swagg said, and also added that this would be a one-time deal as he didn’t want to “hurt my fingers for the future.”

Alongside Swagg was fellow CoD player Lucky Chamu who uses claw full-time in Warzone.

After a brief tutorial from Lucky, Swagg dropped into Caldera. “Dude this is insane,” Swagg exclaimed as the FaZe clan star struggled to adapt to the new system. He was going quite well at one point in his first game with 4 kills to his name until he had a major calamity.

After being ambushed by another player and unfamiliar with his new setup, instead of attempting to gun the other player down, Swagg accidentally pulled out a Munitions Box and died in spectacular fashion.

“I freaked the f**k out,” he said as he and Lucky watched the replay back in hysterics.

Swagg then did a game of Rebirth Solos scoring another five kills before dying in the final 6. Lucky then took over and whilst he didn’t get the dub, he picked up 14 kills in an impressive showing.

Swag offered his final thoughts on claw: “I played claw for the first time ever, I did not like it, it made my hands super uncomfortable.” He also discussed the health issues surrounding claw: “I definitely think that after playing that for a very long time that it’s a health hazard almost.”

Aside from being hard to master, the claw grip can cause long-term health issues such as RSI. If you’re struggling with CoD and maybe need something new to try, the claw may or may not be your answer.

The obvious alternative is to use a custom control with paddles on the back, which allows for the same benefits as claw offers.