Swagg and ZLaner go head-to-head in Warzone 1v1 kill race with shocking results

zlaner and swagg in cod warzoneActivision, ZLaner, Swagg

In an epic clash between two Call of Duty greats, FaZe’s Swagg took on OpTic’s ZLaner in a battle for Warzone supremacy. Surprisingly, the big-time contest between the two elite streamers wasn’t as competitive as you would’ve thought.

Outside of his usual participation in Warzone tournaments that earns the streamer plenty of cash, Swagg has also been running a mini-series in which he takes on fellow pros in a 1v1 kill race.

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So far, the likes of Aydan and DiazBiffle have taken part in the challenge, and now it was the time of the legendary ZLaner. If you didn’t know, Z initially became famous for his partnership with hugely popular and successful streamer Dr Disrespect and is now regarded as one of the best Warzone players in the world.

The two faced off against each other, and the result was pretty unexpected.

Peak POI in CoD Warzone CalderaActivision
Pun intended, but this is a peak 1v1 battle in Warzone Pacific.

To ensure the odds and conditions were as even as possible, the duo both equipped ZLaner’s favorite-ever meta weapons in Warzone — the Kilo 141 and MP5.

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“We’re gonna be doing a Kilo MP5, kill race against each other, best of three in the Duos playlist.” With the rules laid out, the pair jumped into their first game.

In a very back and forth game, Swagg outlasted Z and went on to claim the first match 17-13 in an impressive showing from the two players. But the real shock was in game two when ZLaner was killed with only 4 registered kills, in comparison to Swagg’s 12!

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Swagg finished off the game with one more kill before being taken out himself.

The final standings showed a comprehensive 2-0 win to Swagg, with the FaZe player picking up 29 kills overall to Z’s 17.

“GGs though, hey, listen, I got smoked two times in a row,” ZLaner graciously said to Swagg in relation to the contest. Swagg winning certainly isn’t surprising as both players are high-caliber competitors capable of incredible gameplay, though the margin of the victory may be shocking to some.

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