Surprise team becomes first to advance to CWL Pro League from Qualifier

While the CWL Pro League Qualifier still has two days left before wrapping up, one team has already qualified for the Pro League after an incredible start to the competition.

Many were surely looking towards Call of Duty‘s top squads like Team Envy and 100 Thieves to move into the Pro League with one of the eight automatic seeds from Pool Play.

Instead, it was Midnight Esports that managed to subvert all expectations while causing their fair share of upsets to secure the first spot in the Pro League from this week’s Qualifier.

Midnight got off a promising start against 100 Thieves on Day One by running straight through them to the tune of a 3-0 sweep.

It turns out that this was a sign of things to come as the team managed to push through their next three matches with a sense of urgency that few expected from them.

They were tested a bit by Excelerate Gaming on Day One and again by Overtime eSport on Day Two, but Midnight still rose to the occasion each time to walk away with a pair of 3-2 wins.

Midnight only played a single game on Day Three, but their 3-1 win over Team SpaceLy was all they needed to lock up their spot in the Pro League. 

As the first team so far to win their first five matches, Midnight have shown that they are not a roster to be taken lightly.

This is especially true for ‘LlamaGod’ as he pointed out on Twitter that this is the fourth time he’s made the Pro League through a qualifier.

“When am I ever going to get real credit?” LlamaGod posed to his social media followers.

LlamaGod might have been doubted in the past, but it’s clear that he and the rest of his teammates are a team to look out for when the Pro League begins on February 4.

Prior to that, they’ll finish up the Qualifier by taking on Mazer Gaming at 12pm EST on January 19.

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