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Strange Warzone bug kicks players for inactivity despite moving

Published: 18/Apr/2021 11:43

by Joe Craven


A new Warzone bug has left players scratching their heads after being kicked for inactivity despite consistently moving and playing as normal. 

Despite Warzone’s enduring popularity, many players have grown frustrated with the prevalence of bugs and glitches in CoD’s sophomore battle royale.

Whether it’s the demon gun glitch or the infinite stim issues, there always seems to be one problem or another affecting players’ abilities to have fair matches.

Now, well into Season 2 of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, another issue has emerged relating to players being mistakenly kicked for inactivity.

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Warzone is one of the most popular shooter titles in gaming.

Inactivity timers are common in almost all multiplayer games, seeing players booted back to the lobby if they’re AFK for a set amount of time. It prevents lobbies from being populated by players who aren’t actively participating in matches and ensures players aren’t given XP or in-game rewards for sitting in matches inactive.


Any activity (even turning POV slightly one way or the other) should stop the inactivity timer in its tracks. However, that’s not happening in Warzone.

A Reddit post, shared by u/ImCalcium, shows the player searching for enemies while playing around the map’s tall mountains. Despite regularly moving and scanning surroundings, they are inexplicably kicked for inactivity and returned to the main lobby.

Kicked for inactivity despite playing from CODWarzone

To make matters worse, it doesn’t appear to be an isolated incident. A number of Reddit users responded to the post to say that they had experienced similar problems, being kicked from Warzone matches despite playing and participating as normal.


“This happened to my partner today,” one replied. “We were pinned down by two snipers. Then my partner gets booted.”

As of the time of writing, Raven have not responded to the issue, but players want to see a swift fix to ensure they are not being randomly removed from matches.