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Warzone devs respond to bug preventing stats & wins from counting

Published: 18/Apr/2021 1:01

by Alan Bernal


Call of Duty: Warzone’s developers are investigating a bug in the battle royale that’s preventing wins and other stats from being counted on players’ accounts.

The Warzone community has been filing reports of missing wins, among other things, in the battle royale. Seeing as people would be pretty happy to get a win in the competitive title, it’s no wonder why so many have been concerned about the inconsistent stat tracking.

But Raven Software have finally eased the minds of concerned Call of Duty fans, letting them know that the studio is now looking into what could be breaking the system in its current state.


While it hasn’t been the easiest of time for the devs, they’re going to add this to their to-do list when it comes to fixing Warzone’s pressing problems.

After popular YouTuber ‘JGOD’ asked Raven about a status update for the stat tracking issues, the devs said that they were “currently looking into this issue. We’ll provide an update whenever possible.”

This is great news for players who’ve noticed their latest feats in the grueling battle royale going unnoticed by Warzone’s backend systems.

Players noticed that even on popular CoD: Warzone stat tracking sites, data from recent matches wasn’t being notched and would instead have ‘unknown’ values for those games.


“I put my PS5 into safe mode, cleared store cache and played a solo real quick and that counted for kills,” user ‘inertchunk756’ said as they tried to find a fix. “When you look at the cod.tracker.gg tracker browser all the games have stats but the game mode shows ‘unknown’ so something is their code is fooked.”

call of duty warzone battle royale bug
Warzone players haven’t been getting credit for recent online matches.

Warzone players have been waiting for a fix to the stat tracking, while some haven’t been coping with the faulty systems.

“So for the next week or so, no stats will count,” user NadxCH said. “So it’s gonna be boring BR games not being motivated to get a ‘win’ because it’s not gonna be a win. Might as well try out new guns in BR whilst no stats count.”


Regardless, the developers have officially submitted a card on their Trello board, so hopefully a meaningful solution comes out soon. As it stands, the issue is apparently only happening for players in team-based standard modes, which appear to be getting treated as limited time modes now that Zombies have been added. Solos stats are still counting, so maybe dive in alone if you want to keep your numbers up.