Strange Warzone bug gives players 8 weapons at once from a single loadout drop

Call of Duty Warzone Loadout Drop Bug Duplicate Weapons With LogoActivision

A new bug has popped up in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3, and while this particular glitch provides players with duplicate loadout weapons (and is much less annoying than most unintended exploits), it can come at a cost for your teammates.

In a rare break from the near-constant flood of game-breaking (or at least majorly inconvenient) bugs that have plagued Warzone since launch, a new glitch has appeared for some players in Season 3 that can benefit them instead of ruining their time in Verdansk.

This particular unintended gameplay mechanic is a bizarre occurrence tied to the game’s loadout drops.

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Call of Duty Warzone Loadout Drop 2 FinalActivision
Any Warzone veteran knows that getting a loadout drop quickly is key to a successful match.

The bizarre glitch first began circulating on social media less than two weeks into the battle royale’s third Black Ops-era season. In a post shared to Reddit by one Warzone player, they showed off the surprise weapon duplication firsthand.

In the clip, a player can be seen sorting through the loadout drop screen, where you choose a set of weapons from your ten current options. After selecting a class, the weapons appear in the player’s inventory, but two unintended side effects follow shortly after.

The loadout drop disappears (something that is only supposed to happen after your entire team has selected their gear) and four copies of each weapon (in this case, an HDR sniper rile and RPG) appeared on the ground next to the now-deflated crate.

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At first glance, it seems this bug could be extremely helpful by providing multiple copies of a loadout for free (and in some cases, this certainly would come in handy). However, it also takes a toll on any teammates who weren’t able to select their own loadouts before the glitch occurred.

In the comments of the Reddit post, another player reported that the same exact thing happened to them, but they discovered that “although you get four loadouts, the box will vanish so your friends won’t be able to get their [own] weapons, only yours [on] the ground.”

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If you and your Warzone buddies all run the same class, this could be very helpful since you’re getting five loadout drops in one go. However, if each of your teammates prefers a different playstyle, they might not be too pleased with you taking away that opportunity.

While Raven Software isn’t tracking the issue yet, it’s likely the developer will pick up on the glitch soon and work to get it patched. If you run into the bug before then, make sure to enjoy your free guns — just watch out for your teammates if you end up squandering their loadouts in the process.

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