FaZe Swagg roasts Michael B Jordan over his bizarre Warzone loadout

Twitter, @Swagg

In an unexpected Call of Duty: Warzone crossover, FaZe Clan superstar Swagg got to ask award-winning actor Michael B. Jordan about his favorite loadout – and the streamer couldn’t help but roast the celebrity for his…unique class preference.

Michael B. Jordan is a superstar in the entertainment industry. He’s won and been nominated for dozens of awards (and yes, you can count “Sexiest Man Alive” as well). He’s acted, produced, and even been crowned one of ’s most influential people in the world.

But, despite voicing numerous characters in video games, MBJ might not be a superstar in the gaming world. At least, that’s the immediate impression from hearing Swagg’s reaction to the actor’s favorite Warzone loadout.

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Swagg, a member of FaZe Clan and Nuke Squad, is one of Warzone’s biggest streamers and among its highest earners. So when he heard that Jordan was running the AN-94 and PILA in Verdansk, he couldn’t help but crack up and roast the celebrity.

Michael B. Jordan’s favorite Warzone loadout

Swagg and MBJ’s talk touches on regular gaming topics like mouse and keyboard versus controller, until the streamer asks about Warzone. At that point, Jordan casually says he got a win recently and then reveals his preferred loadout:

  • Primary: AN-94
  • Secondary: PILA

From disbelief to outright laughter, Swagg goes through numerous stages of emotion in seconds before letting out a “no…you running with launchers?”

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The beloved actor did get a chance to explain himself, pausing intermittently as Swagg continues to crack up: “It’s the pleasure you get from blowing up a helicopter, you know what I’m saying? It’s the pleasure you get from shooting it down.”

warzone launchersInfinity Ward
Launchers are useful, but frowned upon by the Warzone community.

When MBJ began questioning whether his go-to loadout was frowned up, Swagg explained the main issue with his choice of weapons: “Look, man, in the Warzone community we look down on people who rock the launchers, man. We just don’t vibe with them, man.”

But, as it turns out, Jordan might be an exception — as he and Swagg continue on, in good vibes, discussing the MAC-10 and weapon nerfs. 

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To be fair, while the FaZe star did call it a “guppy” loadout, he’s also been seen dipping his toes in the AN-94, PILA water on stream recently (with somewhat tilting results). But if you want to feel like Michael B. Jordan in Verdansk, now you know how to do it.