Warzone devs confirm fix coming soon for under the map exploits

Summit on the new Verdansk 1984 mapActivision

Warzone devs Raven Software have confirmed that a fix is coming soon for the “exploitable areas” on Verdansk and Rebirth Island. 

After long last, Warzone’s original map of Verdansk was finally updated and thrown back to the 1980s with the start of Black Ops Cold War season 3. 

The new 1984-themed version of Verdansk has a whole host of new points of interest, and looks a lot brighter than its predecessor. However, just like the modern-day version of Verdansk, and Rebirth Island, there are a few issues.

It didn’t take players long to figure out ways to get under Airport and Stadium as they sit in these usually inaccessible, out of the map spots to terrorize their enemies and pick up wins. However, that’s finally going to be changing.

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New Airport in Warzone Season 3 map VerdanskActivision
Players quickly found a way to get under Airport on the new Verdansk map.

On April 26, Respawn acknowledged the issues by updating their public Trello board to say that a fix is coming for these spots after they’d been investigating a fix for quite some time.

They even tweeted about it as well, for anyone that may not have been checking their bugs and fixes board all that often. 

“We’ve been looking into exploitable spots on the map that allow players to reach areas that are normally inaccessible. A fix is coming soon!” they confirmed, much to the delight of many players. 

As for when the fix will be deployed, that currently is unknown. The devs have only said that the fix is coming, and not giving a date or time. Nor have they said whether it’ll be a hotfix or a full-blown download. 

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Players will be hoping that the fix launches sooner rather than later, so that the experience on the new map isn’t ruined before they have a chance to really get to grips with everything that has now changed.