Warzone 2 TikTok reveals easiest way to take down the Juggernaut in DMZ

Warzone 2 operator taking on Al-Mazrah.Activision

A Warzone 2 TikTok has revealed the secret to taking down those huge juggernaut enemies to help everyone collect their loot and get on their way without risking it all in DMZ.

DMZ’s Juggernaut is one of the strongest enemies in the game, and it takes a well-coordinated effort to take him down, even for the best players.

It’s never been precisely clear where his weak spots are either, but one TikToker has comprehensively examined the best way to secure the big boy’s loot for any squads that have yet to pick up the RPK Caution Tape blueprint.

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Easiest way to take down the Juggernaut in Warzone 2’s DMZ mode

TikToker DrChubz is responsible for the breakdown embedded below. While he initially claimed the enemy’s helmet was indestructible, he quickly course-corrected after being proven wrong by his comment section.

After going back in to test it out, he found that the oppressive powerhouse’s helmet could take roughly the same amount of damage thanks to the lack of a damage multiplier on what should be a natural weak spot.

In his further testing, he quickly deduced that both areas have their own health pool and that squads should pick one spot or another to focus their fire. This is a significantly faster way to take care of the job and could potentially save a lot of time and stress for anyone brave enough to take on the task in the first place.

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Just like with the Chemist (Warzone 2/DMZ’s other big bad), it’s highly recommended to take insured weapons and Three-Plate vests into the battle to stay safe and to protect any contraband you might be carrying that is worth keeping in hand.

This method isn’t foolproof after all. It’s still possible to die and lose those items that the team has worked so hard to earn.