Fifakill & Jukeyz win TimTheTatman’s $150K Warzone kill race: Final results

TimTheTatman Warzone tournament graphicTimTheTatman

TimTheTatman just hosted his very own 2v2 Warzone kill race event with a staggering $150,000 up for grabs. While Fifakill & Jukeyz dominated the event, we’ve got you covered with a full rundown of the final results.

  • Fifakill & Jukeyz sweep Scummn & Unrational in grand finals.
  • Tim knocked out of his own event in losers round 1.
  • $150,000 prize split among Top 8 teams.

As one of the biggest Warzone content creators out there, it only makes sense that TimTheTatman would host his very own tournament.

With a $150,000 prize pool up for grabs, it promised to be one of the biggest Warzone tournaments of the year so far and it certainly delivered. If you missed any of the action, we’ve got a full recap of how the event played out.

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TimTheTatman $150,000 Warzone tournament: Final Placements (Top 8)

Placement Team Prize
1st Fifakill & Jukeyz $66,000
2nd Scummn & Unrational $33,000
3rd Rated & Mayappo $18,000
4th NobuSpartan & Ayzen $12,000
Top 6 Tommey & Almond $7,500
Wagnificent & Hisoka $7,500
Top 8 IceManIsaac & Stukawaki $3,000
HusKerrs & Newbz $3,000

TimTheTatman $150,000 Warzone tournament: Streams & Schedule

Tim’s Warzone tournament kicked off on Wednesday, April 6 and run through Thursday, April 7. Both days began at 10AM PT.

Given the event featured a kill race format, it was safe to expect some long days of action. While there’s never any telling for certain just how long each day of a kill race might run, Tim’s event ran late into the evening on both days.

The tournament was streamed on Tim’s YouTube channel, and the personal channels of each participant as well.

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TimTheTatman $150,000 Warzone tournament: Format

Tim’s $150K Warzone event featured a standard kill race format. 32 teams took part in a double-elimination bracket, with Duos competing against one another in the BR Quads playlist.

As usual, standard restrictions were in effect for this tournament. That meant no planes, no Jailbreaks, and no abusing current exploits.

Prize money for the tournament was distributed as follows:

  • 1st — $66,000
  • 2nd — $33,000
  • 3rd — $18,000
  • 4th — $12,000
  • 5-6th — $7,500
  • 7-8th — $3,000

TimTheTatman $150K Warzone kill race Players & Teams

Given the size of this event, all of Warzone’s biggest names were lining up to compete. From Tommey, the highest-earning player, to Dr Disrespect, the Baka Bros, and plenty more, Tim’s tourney was stacked with elite talent.

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Below is a full look at every Duo that competed in the $150K kill race.

TimTheTatman & DrDisrespect JessieCooks & Sitrehp IceManIsaac & Stukawaki Sallyisadog & speros
Scummn & UnRationaL Repullze & LuckyChamu Slacked & Apathy MuTeX & rasim
ZLaner & Destroy StoneMountain64 & Spartacuslive iSmixie & HeyLovely LEGIQN & zepti
JoeWo & bbreadman Fifakill & Jukeyz Braalik & exzachtt Queeneliminator & Oakleyboiii
Tommey & Almond NobuSpartan & ayzen cpentagon & fuzzn testyment & emsage
HusKerrs & Newbz BobbyPoff & Finessen Bloo & Luvey Queenshadows & Jujusaiyan
Swagg & Booya BlakeCissel & Jorge Aydan & zSmit Swishem & Intechs
Rated & Mayappo Validhands & BrittneyRaines DiazBiffle & SuperEvan Wagnificent & Hisoka

Be sure to look ahead at the remaining Warzone competitions this month with our ultimate event calendar.

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