Splyce Set Bar High for Black Ops 4 Following Difficult Ending to WWII Season

After a difficult end to the WWII season, Splyce have set the bar high for themselves going into the Black Ops 4 season.

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CEO and co-founder Marty ‘Lazerchicken’ Strenczewilk tweeted out on August 29 that the org is looking to “build the best team in the world.”

For Call of Duty pros worldwide, wanted to make it clear we are going to build the best team IN THE WORLD
If you’re a top player, you’re on the radar of Splyce, regardless of region. DM’s are open
Our infrastructure next year will be second to none.

Although Splyce are based in North America, they have traditionally fielded a CoD roster made up of EU players. 

However, according to the tweet above, that could all change as the org is looking at all potential candidates this off-season.

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Splyce appears ready to make improvements at all costs after what was a disastrous end to the WWII season. 

After coming in second at the CWL Birmingham Open, the team failed to place higher than top-12 in any of the final five major tournaments, including a lowly 17-24 finish at Champs.

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Splyce have already made major changes since the end of the season, with players ‘MadCat’ and ‘Joshh’ having been recently let go from the team.

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That has left ‘Bance’ and ‘Jurd’ as the lone two remaining active players, although it is unclear whether they will still be featured in the team come the start of next season, especially if Splyce look to take a different route with their roster.

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