Team Kaliber CoD Pro ‘Accuracy’ Announces That He’s Leaving the Team

@accuracyLA / MLG

As expected, Call of Duty pro player Lamar ‘Accuracy’ Abedi has announced that he is leaving Team Kaliber.

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The announcement came on August 29 via a post on Accuracy’s Twitter page.

As of now I’m no longer apart of @TeamKaliber I want to thank them and all the fans for the support over the last year and a half.

He becomes the fourth and final Team Kaliber player to announce his departure from tK, as former teammates Kenny ‘Kenny’ Williams, Maurice ‘Fero’ Henriquez, and Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt all left the team on August 28.

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From that roster that finished out the WWII season, Accuracy was tK’s longest tenured player, having been with the organization since May of 2017.

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This season was by far the most successful for him as a competitive CoD player, as the team won three major tournaments and placed second at the 2018 CWL Championships.

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Accuracy’s departure was very much expected, considering all of his former teammates had left the day before, and he had already removed all mentions of tK from his social media page(s). 

With their team now fully dismantled, it remains to be seen whether tK will be able to compile a roster good enough to compete next season, although duplicating their successes from this season could prove an impossible task.

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