Rookie mistake gets Sledgehammer Games Call of Duty Twitter account suspended

Sledgehammer Games who are responsible for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Advanced Warfare and WWII managed to get their huge Twitter account suspended.

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How it got suspended

The Sledgehammer Games Twitter (@SHGames) has a sizeable 1.27 million followers, which is a catastrophic amount to potentially lose. Fortunately the suspension has now been lifted although their follower count was showing just 104 and is now, at the time of writing, 407k.

The Marketing and Communications Director of Sledgehammer Games tweeted the news about the suspension of their Twitter account. He said: “So umm, hit the wrong birthdate in some random new pop up and got the @SHGames twitter suspended without warning.” He appeared to take it in good humor though, also saying: “How’s your Wednesday night going? lol.”

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The story as to how it got suspended was also revealed. It turns out it was indeed a rookie mistake which has probably got various other accounts suspended also.

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After a random pop up appeared, which was presumably a verification check, Brian Miggles (the Director of Sledgehammer) accidentally entered the wrong birth date of the account. The result was the below message showing the account had been suspended.

The suspension message Sledgehammer Games received from Twitter…

It wasn’t made clear how but the account has since been reinstated. They now have access to all 1.27 million of their followers again.

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Sledgehammer Games were expected to be behind the 2020 Call of Duty game. However, due to the progress made this game has been shelved and Treyarch, makers of Black Ops 4, will now assume the responsibility.

Twitter security

Twitter have stepped out security in recent years, running numerous security checks such as e-mail verification and sending codes via text message. They have also added two factor authentication.