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Rookie mistake gets Sledgehammer Games Call of Duty Twitter account suspended

Published: 23/May/2019 18:08 Updated: 24/May/2019 17:46

by Paul Cot


Sledgehammer Games who are responsible for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Advanced Warfare and WWII managed to get their huge Twitter account suspended.

How it got suspended

The Sledgehammer Games Twitter (@SHGames) has a sizeable 1.27 million followers, which is a catastrophic amount to potentially lose. Fortunately the suspension has now been lifted although their follower count was showing just 104 and is now, at the time of writing, 407k.


The Marketing and Communications Director of Sledgehammer Games tweeted the news about the suspension of their Twitter account. He said: “So umm, hit the wrong birthdate in some random new pop up and got the @SHGames twitter suspended without warning.” He appeared to take it in good humor though, also saying: “How’s your Wednesday night going? lol.”

The story as to how it got suspended was also revealed. It turns out it was indeed a rookie mistake which has probably got various other accounts suspended also.


After a random pop up appeared, which was presumably a verification check, Brian Miggles (the Director of Sledgehammer) accidentally entered the wrong birth date of the account. The result was the below message showing the account had been suspended.

The suspension message Sledgehammer Games received from Twitter…

It wasn’t made clear how but the account has since been reinstated. They now have access to all 1.27 million of their followers again.

Sledgehammer Games were expected to be behind the 2020 Call of Duty game. However, due to the progress made this game has been shelved and Treyarch, makers of Black Ops 4, will now assume the responsibility.


Twitter security

Twitter have stepped out security in recent years, running numerous security checks such as e-mail verification and sending codes via text message. They have also added two factor authentication.

Call of Duty

LA Guerrillas reveal 2021 Call of Duty League roster

Published: 12/Oct/2020 22:33 Updated: 13/Oct/2020 0:02

by Alan Bernal


The LA Guerrillas have revealed their four-player lineup for the second season of the Call of Duty League, with multiple World Champions leading the org into the 2021 campaign.

After dropping their entire lineup following the CDL’s conclusion and considering Black Ops Cold War is going to be a 4v4 format, the Guerrillas came out firing with a roster stacked with talent from end-to-end.


The lineup consists of Adam ‘Assault’ Garcia, Reece ‘Vivid’ Drost, Justin ‘SiLLY’ Fargo-Palmer, and Bryan ‘Apathy’ Zhelyazkov.

Meanwhile, the club also revealed their academy team consisting of Gears of War legend Billy ‘MentaL’ Putnam, Martin ‘MJCheen’ Chino, Kaden ‘Exceed’ Stockdale, and ‘Nero,’ pending league approval.


The only remnant of the team’s inaugural season is Vivid, who extended his contract with the club on September 9. This followed the announced on Sept 1 that coaches Richard ‘Ricky’ Stacy and Embry ‘Bevils’ Bevil would return for the next season,

This will be a completely new look from LA, previously parting ways with Guerrillas lead Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price during the season before dropping the rest of their roster sheet days after the free agent window opened.

After the club announced their new look, former Guerrillas frontman ACHES congratulated his fellow pros on the move, seeing as they’ll take the reigns from the org from here on.


Rounding out the 2020 season, the LA Guerrillas finished last during the regular season and bowed out of the playoffs in the first elimination rounds.

The club had spurts of composure and great play during the season, but struggled all year to put favorable results on end.

While the team bottomed out of the league, the new roster playing in the updated format for Black Ops Cold War could be the ticket the Guerrillas need to make a turnaround in 2021.


With a new season on the horizon, they’ll look to get off on the right foot with the renewed lineup.

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LA Guerillas 2021 CDL roster

  • Adam ‘Assault’ Garcia
  • Reece ‘Vivid’ Drost
  • Justin ‘SiLLY’ Fargo-Palmer
  • Bryan ‘Apathy’ Zhelyazkov