SlasheR reveals his biggest frustration with 100 Thieves teammates

. 3 years ago

Austin ‘SlasheR’ Liddicoat has revealed what his teammates do that infuriates him on the January 16 episode of CWL Hot Mic.

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Hot Mic sees CWL caster Clint ‘Maven’ Evans sit down with Call of Duty pro players and discuss what is going on in the community, with Liddicoat making an appearance in the build up to the CWL Pro League Qualifier.

During the show, Evans brought up a clip from an old stream that showed SlasheR arguing with his 100 Thieves teammates after a match, specifically mentioning his biggest issue with his squad, timekeeping.

“From now on, all five of us better be ready when we’re starting the scrim,” Liddicoat told his team. “I’m five minutes late and I’m the first one here. We’re not starting late from now on. If we’re not calling out, I’m getting off. If we’re not giving 100% every map, I’m getting off.”

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While SlasheR’s teammates giggled in the background, the American confirmed to Maven that he was very serious about what he said, telling the caster: “It’s super serious. Especially after a poor performance at the Las Vegas Open.”

“If we’re showing up late, that’s already a bad start. Our practice was poor going into Vegas, I want us to be on time, to be warmed up so the first map isn’t a waste of our time.

“This is a problem in the whole pro community. Players are 30 minutes late. Like, come on, let’s take this seriously.”

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100 Thieves are currently competing in the CWL Pro League Qualifier, as they aim to secure their spot in the Pro League which kicks off in February.

The team’s tournament got off to a bad start, falling 3-0 to Midnight Esports, but were able to right the ship later on that night with an incredible comeback victory over Team SpaceLy.

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