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Call of Duty pro Clayster explains why he’s going to stop streaming Black Ops 4 scrims

Published: 16/Jan/2019 23:30 Updated: 16/Jan/2019 23:41

by Albert Petrosyan


Call of Duty pro player James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks has announced that he may give up live-streaming team scrimmages for the rest of the Black Ops 4 season.

The eUnited star tweeted out on January 16 that he doesn’t feel comfortable streaming when a large majority of his viewers are seemingly just trying to make him look bad. 


“Looks like no more streams for me, see y’all next year,” he tweeted. “Not banned or anything, y’all just ruin everything by being weird, no point in me streaming for entertainment when 90% of people just look for clips to be dicks.”

While some perceived this as him giving up on streaming entirely, Clayster later clarified that his comments were about streaming scrims and not casual gameplay.


“I’m just not going to stream scrims for a bit,” he wrote. “Blackout wagers are still ‘litty’ though.” 


While this may seem out of the blue to some, it does come after a controversial incident involving Clayster and some of his viewers that took place on January 15.

While streaming a scrim against OpTic Gaming, Clayster noticed that a lot of fans of the Green Wall were in his chat trying to troll him and his viewers.


Clearly bothered by what was going on, he began shouting vulgarities at those viewers, but later apologized when he realized he may have let the trolls get a little too under his skin. 


Despite the apology, it seems that it’s not totally water under the bridge for Clayster when it comes to streaming scrims, and those who may want to watch is POV during practice matches against high profile opposition may be out of luck.

Fans of Clayster and his streams will at least be relieved knowing he isn’t completely quitting streaming and will have to suffice with wagers on Blackout.