Skrapz explains why his only bad blood is with Rated after joining FaZe

Connor Bennett

Call of Duty roster appeared to surface at the end of March, when Skrapz and Trei ‘Zer0’ Morris announced their restricted free-agency from the team – indicating that they were moving on.

In that fallout, plenty of words were exchanged between members of the roster, with the most heated and notable appearing on Twitter, as well as Twitch streams between Skrapz and Rated. Now, the current FaZe Clan member has broken down the long story of just how the team broke apart, and how he moved on following a messy falling out with Rated.

Red ReserveThe Red Reserve broke up following the last portion of Rostermania.

Red Reserve’s break-up

Skrapz talked about the Welshman talking trash about Trei ‘Zer0’ Morris in a pro players group chat, following the cross-divisional portion of Pro League play, and also how neither Skrapz or Zer0 were fans of what he had posted. He said: “Rhys is in there talking about Trei. Trei didn’t like it, said he wasn’t playing with him. I basically lost composure and said I wasn’t playing.”

However, Skrapz admitted to being at fault for part of what happened by not being straight with Rated about the fallout. He added: “To be fair, where I went wrong was not telling him I didn’t want to play with him – on my behalf, that’s my fault. I could have handled it better, a hundred percent. He doesn’t help the situation, you know what he’s like on social media.

“I haven’t got any bad blood with any of them apart from Rhys. He doesn’t like me, I don’t like him – it is what it is.”

Skrapz heads to FaZe

Skrapz also dove into his move away from Red Reserve, explaining how it almost didn’t materialize, despite him having a strong belief that he would be joining FaZe.

According to Skrapz, while there was a “70/30 chance” that he was moving to the hugely popular organization, there was also the possibility that Red Reserve were going to sell their spot to “a little org in Sweden” but he put his foot down and had the belief that FaZe were going to make the move happen.

Will Skrapz and Rated meet at CWL London?

The two players may have gone their separate ways, but it’s clear that they still harbor ill feelings towards each other.

They won’t have the chance to get to grips with each other at CWL London until the bracket portion of play, though, and even then the stars will have to align in order for the pair to do battle on the main stage.