Shroud explains why sniping isn’t fun in Modern Warfare

Jacob Hale
Activision, shroud/Mixer

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek was never typically known as a Call of Duty player, siding more with PC-based shooters such as Counter-Strike and PUBG. That said, he’s been playing a lot of Modern Warfare since its release, but has taken issue with sniping in the game.

Not only has he been predominantly a player of games such as CSGO, he’s also made a name for himself as one of the most mechanically skilled FPS players in the world, picking up any shooter with ease and instantly looking like a god at it.

That’s why it’s a surprise to see him complaining about something; simply because he’s so good that it’s difficult to believe he could possibly have anything to be upset about.

Nonetheless, he shared in a livestream on November 14 that sniping in Modern Warfare just isn’t fun, going on to explain why.


Running about with a sniper in Ground War, Modern Warfare’s new 32v32, big-battle style arena, shroud addressed why he thinks “sniping just ain’t that sick.”

“The weird part about sniping in this game is it’s really easy, but it’s not at the same time,” a clearly confused shroud said.

“You get into a spot and own it for a couple of kills but then everybody knows where you are, so you die and then have to get to a new spot.”

(Timestamp 7:12 for mobile users)

Naturally, he then went on an insane killing spree, picking off people across the map and barely missing a shot, making it look even easier than you would think before the match ended and he could speak a bit more.

“I pretty much cut my kills in half when I snipe,” he said before once more hitting shots that seem impossible to any other player.

He then goes on to edit has loadout, putting a new stock on his HDR sniper rifle and removing the suppressor and barrel, explaining that he wants a quicker ADS speed, but acknowledging that he may lose power in long-range gunfights.

While shroud expresses that he thinks there are issues with sniping in Modern Warfare, you would guess he adores it just from watching his gameplay.

His shot is so crisp that you could easily believe he had been doing it his entire life, and he’s a perfect representative for the beauty that could be PC Call of Duty after so many years of console dominance.

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