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Scump hits out at people downplaying OpTic Gaming’s CWL 2K wins

Published: 13/Nov/2018 10:10 Updated: 13/Nov/2018 10:14

by Matt Porter


OpTic Gaming’s Call of Duty captain Seth ‘Scump’ Abner has fired back at people who are downplaying the importance of their back-to-back CWL 2K tournament wins.

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While Scump was celebrating his team’s victory in the CWL 2K, a viewer in his Twitch chat made a comment about the tournament being played online, and that Abner shouldn’t be that excited about OpTic’s victory.

“It’s only online,” yelled Scump as he paced around his setup. “You can’t be fucking happy that we won something? Jesus man, bunch of fucking haters.”

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Still unhappy with the comment from the chat, Scump kicked his chair, before deciding that he would show his stream that they didn’t just win online tournaments.

The American put on the song ‘Trophies’ by Drake and proceeded to run down the OpTic Gaming studios to grab trophies that he had won for the organization, bringing them back to his desk and propping them up so his viewers could see them.

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Scump and his OpTic Gaming squad won the second CWL 2K tournament of the Black Ops 4 season, beating eUnited in the finals to secure their second successive victory in the tournament.


During the first week of the online tournament, OpTic Gaming won the competition without dropping a single map. This time, OpTic ended up dropping just two maps throughout the entirety of the tournament.

While the Greenwall have looked extremely impressive in online competition, fans of Call of Duty will have to wait until CWL Las Vegas on December 7 to see how they perform in a LAN environment.