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Rise Nation’s Slasher Can’t Wait to Return to a Faster Role

Published: 13/Aug/2018 18:01 Updated: 13/Aug/2018 19:33

by Chantal Stewart-Jones


With the final week of the Call of Duty: WWII season upon us, Rise Nation’s Austin ‘SlasheR’ Liddicoat has expressed his excitement at taking on a faster-paced role next year.

As the main assault rifle player for his current and previous squads, he is generally responsible for holding down the spawn points for his teammates and winning long-range engagements.

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While the advanced movement games allowed AR players to move around and be more aggressive, the return to boots on the ground and a slower-paced game has meant players like SlasheR have also had to adapt their play-style to match.


Although this may have suited some, it looks like this isn’t SlasheR’s preferred way of playing. But with Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII on its way in October promising to have a faster pace, there’s just one more event standing between him and a more active role.

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If SlasheR has been unhappy with his current responsibilities though, it hasn’t come across in-game, with the 2016 World Champion having won both CWL Seattle and CWL Anaheim under Rise, as well as placing second at the CWL Stage Two Playoffs.

He’s already shown this year why he’s among the best AR players in the world, frequently devastating his opponents. But with the return to a Black Ops title and a more comfortable “do it all AR” role, could 2019 be his most dominant performance yet?


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While SlasheR is looking forward to next year and a bit of a role change, fans of Rise Nation don’t need to worry, as he’s fully prepared and dedicated to the WWII CWL Championship from August 15 to 19.