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Ridiculous Warzone bug lets players melee through walls

Published: 25/Jun/2021 12:47

by Alex Garton


A frustrating Kali Sticks bug in Warzone is allowing the melee weapon to do damage through walls and terrain, making it impossible for players to fight back.

Despite Warzone’s overwhelming popularity in the shooter and battle royale genre, the game still suffers from a never-ending list of glitches.

Whether it’s a random door instantly killing anyone who runs through it or loadout drops giving players eight weapons instead of two, the Warzone community has certainly learned to cope with these strange and often annoying issues.

Despite this, the majority of bugs in-game do not affect the gameplay experience and can be shrugged off as a one-off occurrence. However, when a glitch causes a player to die in an unexplainable manner, it can be a little harder to let it go and move on.


Well, that’s exactly what happened to Babayaga20000 when they were attacked by an opponent with Kali Sticks through a wall.

Melee Warzone
The Kali Sticks in Warzone do lethal damage at close range.

Warzone bug makes Kali Stick melee through walls

A thread posted to the CODWarzone subreddit has showcased a bug that allows the Kali Sticks to do damage through walls, giving players no opportunity to fight back.

Realizing there were enemies in the building they were approaching, Babayaga20000 attempted to find a flank by climbing onto the roof and entering through a window.

They quickly dispatched one enemy and saw another in the same room, so decided to throw a grenade and retreat to cover. However, they immediately began taking damage from a player on the other side of the wall using Kali Sticks.


It’s hard to know why the enemy was able to hit Babayaga20000, as they were out of melee range and behind terrain.

This is definitely an issue Raven Software needs to address if it’s a bug that’s limited to the Kali Sticks. The player wasn’t even in range to take damage, or in the sightline of the enemy when they were downed.

The community has already had issues with melee damage in the past, let alone the ability to kill players through walls. So, fingers crossed this glitch is just a one-off and doesn’t affect the wider Warzone player base.