Retired Pro Call of Duty Player Neslo Has Announced That He is Creating a New Org

Albert Petrosyan

Retired professional Call of Duty player Jeremy “Neslo” Olsen is looking to get back into the world of esports with a bang, and what better way than to create something of his own.

The former Team Kaliber star has announced that he plans on starting his own esports organization, and it appears that the process is already underway.

Although an official name has yet to be announced, Neslo mentioned “the new org” in a tweet in which he was looking for top and experienced graphic designers and video editor.

This could be part of the big changes coming to Neslo’s life that he had alluded to in this previous tweet.

While the plans for this new org are clearly in the very early and preliminary stages, Neslo will look to follow in the footsteps of former professional CoD players that have gone on to become successful owners, a perfect example of which is Matt ‘Nadeshot’ Haag with 100 Thieves.

Although there is a ways to go before Neslo can come close to replicating the success of 100 Thieves, having a former player as an owner can provide a lot of valuable insight and perspective to running an organization and communicating with its players.

Neslo’s career in Call of Duty saw him compete for nine different organizations, including three separate stints with Team Kaliber. It was during one of those stints where he won his first and only LAN tournament, at AEL Dallas 2014, and a silver medal at the MLG X Games Invitation 2014.

After splitting time this season between PURE Gaming and Ascendant Gaming, Neslo was found violating MLG account ringing rules and was suspended. Rather than wait out the lengthy suspension, the former pro announced his retirement on April 9th.