Red Reserve Announce Major Roster Change Ahead of CWL Pro League Stage Two

Calum Patterson

The announcement that European Call of Duty fans have been waiting on has finally come, as Red Reserve reveal a major shake up to their roster.

After weeks of speculation, rumor and, to be honest, complaining from professional players, it looks as though the European CoD scene is finally getting things rolling.

At the center of much of the speculation was UNILAD’s star player Matthew “Skrapz” Marshall, who has made it very clear that he was moving elsewhere.

Finally all the speculation can be put to bed, as the move has now been announced by Red Reserve, that Skrapz will replace the outgoing Joshua-Lee “Joshh” Sheppard.

Presumably, Skrapz will be filling a similar role to Joshh’s previous, as the support slayer backing up the fast paced Joe “Joee” Pinnington.

It is currently not announced where Joshh will end up, possibly moving the opposite direction in a straight trade for Skrapz, but we will keep this article updated as more is announced.

Red Reserve and UNILAD are in different divisions for Stage Two of the CWL Pro League, meaning that they will not face each other in the competition until playoffs – should both teams make it there.

The two sides will have a chance to face off at the upcoming CWL Anaheim tournament though, were Skrapz’ twin, Bradley “Wuskin” Marshall could face off against his brother – a match up the pair have placed a $1000 wager on.

One can’t help but think Red Reserve have managed the better end of the deal regardless of where Joshh ends up, with Skrapz being likely the hottest commodity in European CoD currently.

He will need to prove that he can play at the same level when surrounded by other heavy slaying superstars such as Trei “Zer0” Morris and Rhys “Rated” Price.

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