OpTic TeeP made more than $15,000 from Twitch subs in a single stream

Matt Porter

Tyler ‘Call of Duty squad – but he’s also an extremely successful streamer in his own right, as an incredible sub-train on June 20 proved.

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TeeP first made a name for himself in the competitive Call of Duty scene as a player, and was an integral part of the legendary Complexity roster that steamrolled opposition through most of Black Ops 2 and Ghosts.

After transitioning into a coaching role, TeeP continued to stream on Twitch, and the release of Call of Duty’s battle royale mode Blackout seems to have been the catalyst for some incredible growth on his channel.

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TeeP is the current coach of OpTic Gaming’s Call of Duty team.
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The 26-year-old’s success was clear to see on Thursday, June 20, when thousands of viewers pledged their support to the streamer not only with their watch-time, but with cold hard cash.

Over the duration of his 14 hour stream, TeeP went on an absolutely amazing sub-train of 5,280.

This means that the streamer gained at least one new subscriber every five minutes to keep the train rolling, although with the former CoD pro amassing over 5,000 subscribers in that time period, the streamer averaged more than one new subscriber per minute.

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Of course, some of these subscribers were likely gifted subs, who can buy batches of them to hand out to other viewers, but it’s still a truly remarkable feat in such a short space of time. TeeP tweeted that the day broke a number of records on his channel, and was “by far the best day I have ever had on Twitch.”

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With the tier breakdown of each subscription also unknown, the amount that TeeP makes on Twitch requires a little guesswork, but assuming that they are all Tier 1 subscriptions we can guess that TeeP made at least $15,000 in the duration his stream, and likely more depending on his deal with Twitch, and the likelihood of some subscriptions being Tier 2 or 3, which cost more.

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While many would ditch their coaching career in favor of their streaming success, it seems TeeP has no intention of leaving CoD esports behind, continuing to coach the OpTic team as they aim to win their second world championship this summer.

Should the 26-year-old decide that his days of strategizing are behind him though, he definitely has an incredible Twitch community to fall back on.

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