OpTic H3CZ blasts “idiots” complaining about online CDL season

H3CZ slams cdl prosTwitch: H3CZ

As the Call of Duty League approaches two years of online play due to the global health situation, OpTic H3CZ criticized the league’s pros for their complaints about the lack of LAN play.

Back in March of 2020, the CDL — like other esports leagues — had its events canceled due to the initial health crisis, later moving to online play. This created various issues when it came to the league’s competitive integrity in many pros’ eyes.

Pro players voiced their concerns over the matter, such as the lack of “ability to get fully focused for a match,” and others.

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And with the 2022 CDL season that is set to begin on January 21, with the preseason Kickoff Classic also being online play with a one-week Major on LAN, the same conversations are being brought back up once again.

Conversations that a particular CDL team owner is fed up with.

Dallas-OpTic mergerActivision/OpTic Chicago
The CDL returns on January 21 with the Kickoff Classic.

OpTic H3CZ slams CDL pros for complaining about online play

During his stream on December 29, the President of OpTic Texas and owner of OpTic, Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez, criticized pro players’ complaints about pro-CoD being mostly online play, stating, “It’s either you play online or you don’t f**cking play all.”

A Twitch viewer asked if the league could potentially go online-only due to the global health crisis resurgence. H3CZ explained his viewpoint on the subject, as well as his thoughts on what the league’s players have to say.

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“It’s either you have your salary and get paid to play a video game, you get to compete for a prize pool, or we don’t,” he said. “We cancel the whole season — you don’t get paid your salary because the f**k am I paying you for? And you can just stream from your house, which you were gonna do anyway for competing.”

H3CZ later added that, if he had it his way, he’d still be having LAN events given the option, but reiterated that players have two choices.

“If you asked me if I had it my way, LAN. Obviously morons, idiots out there, stupids. Obviously, everybody wants LAN,” he said. “Are you gonna pick to compete, try to get some prize money, and get your salary? Or are you just gonna chalk the entire season, not get your salary [and] and not get any prize pool?”

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With the third CDL season on the horizon and the new outbreak taking its toll on the world, only time will tell if LAN events will be possible or if strictly online play will be implemented.